General Settings

On the General tab, you can view and modify general WAPT Pro settings.

HTTP version: Select a version of HTTP that WAPT Pro should use by default (1.1 or 1.0).

Maximum time of waiting for server operation: If the time of waiting for server operation exceeds this value, you will receive a timeout. It can be the time of waiting for server response, or the time of sending a request to the server, for example, time of uploading a file. This timeout indicates that you either have problems with the work of web server, or bad connectivity.

Show HTML report on test completion: Opens a web browser window with the generated HTML Report on test completion. This report enables viewing test run results just from a web browser currently installed on your computer.

Resolve DNS server names once per test: This option defines how many times WAPT Pro should resolve DNS server names during the test. If you turn this option on, WAPT Pro will resolve server names once per test. The program keeps the resolved IP address in the internal cache and uses it during the current test run.
However, sometimes you may need to resolve server name for each user session, for example, if the same server has several IP addresses. In this case, you should uncheck this option.

Delimiter for CSV files: Here you can select a delimiter that will be used to separate entries in generated CSV reports. You can use either semicolon, comma, tab or space symbol as a delimiter.

Save log files to: Here you can change the default location for saving the log files. When WAPT Pro workplace downloads users' logs from agents, it saves them to this folder.

Save reports files to: Here you can change the default location for created HTML Reports.

Save CSV results to: Here you can change the default location for created CSV Reports.

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