x64 Load Engine: Execute high capacity load tests with 10'000+ virtual users

For high volume tests with 10,000+ virtual users we recommend using the x64 Load Engine components running on productive 64 bit servers. Each of such engines can generate as much as 10,000 virtual users, which exceeds the capability of the regular Load Agent at least 5 times. This number can be even bigger depending on the hardware configuration and the test options (such as virtual user profile length, the complexity of server response processing, the rate of requests within a session, etc.).

The functionally of the x64 Load Engine is identical to the functionality of the regular Load Agent. The only difference is the much higher performance achieved because of its native 64 bit architecture. You can setup the engines on several systems and use them concurrently to create greater test volume. The workplace component of WAPT Pro manages the work of the engines same way it does it with the load agents. Both agents and engines appear in the same list, where you can edit their properties and select the ones you want to use in the test. You can also search the local network for the available agents/engines and add any remote ones manually by their IP and port number.

Installation: The x64 Load Engine can be installed on any system with 64 bit Windows OS starting from Windows XP. Please note that this product is not included in the WAPT Pro installation package. You can download and install the engine separately.

The engine runs as a system service. It can be launched and managed from the Load Engine Manager available under the Start menu on the system where the engine is installed. By default this service is launched automatically, so you can start using it immediately after the installation. There is no need to restart it manually after the system reboot.

Licensing: Unlike the regular load agent, the x64 Load Engine is licensed per installation. A single license allows you to install and use the engine on one system. If you want to install it on several systems, you should purchase the corresponding number of licenses.

Please note that the engine does not include the test design and management functionality and can be used only together with WAPT Pro.