Test development

Load testing is a very specific task in the web development process. Even if your team has a good experience in functional testing, you may face problems designing load tests for RIA applications or web sites utilizing complex client-server protocols. In such cases it may be a rather non-trivial task to make your tests work correctly. Even with help of WAPT the application-specific parameterization cannot be done automatically, so you need to make adjustments to your virtual user profiles after recording them.

Fortunately, we have a team of professionals who can help you with this task quickly and efficiently. You can send to us a step by step description of the user behavior that you would like to emulate in your test and provide online access to your web site.

In just few days we will deliver ready to use test sources. You will only need to specify the load volume options to run the test. We will also provide the report on our work and explain everything we do to make the initially recorded test work correctly according to your specification. Your team will be able to repeat all the required steps next time you need to create a similar test. That is why it may be a good idea to use this service even if you plan to perform load testing in-house.

If you are interested, please drop a note to services@loadtestingtool.com.

We guarantee that any information that we receive from you will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only inside our company for the purpose of providing this service to you.