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Nick Bridgen, Harlequin CDIS Adam Wignall, WTG Technologies Mauricio Perez, SoftManagement Colombia
Harlequin logo"We use WAPT Pro to test our clients online banking services. The product is excellent and reports are detailed, but I would say this is all backed by incredible customer service and technical support. If you need, like us, to test something out of the ordinary or simply don't have the expertise in house, SoftLogica has delivered for us every time. The fee charged for the additional service is more than reasonable for the quality of their work." WTG logo"Whilst assessing which load testing tool was best for WTG we performed trails with many competing products but found WAPT Pro to be by far and away the best fit to our organisation needs. The functionality available and ease of use compared to the license cost was unbeatable and the support provided by the WAPT team has from day 1 been excellent even to the extent of incorporating our feature requests into the tool." SoftManagement Colombia logo"In order to guarantee the quality of your final product, you need to have a quality process that involves proven methodologies and tools. We are using our WAPT load testing solution to make sure the information systems we build are going to work well under production environments, and that our clients are going to be satisfied with the final result."
Brian Taylor, Product Acceptance & Research Jessica Tremblay, Informatica Aaron Fenwick, Motors.co.uk
PAR logo"Product Acceptance & Research is an application service provider and web application developer. We use our experience at development and WAPT for load testing as an invaluable tool to keep our customers ready for all measures of success." Informatica logo"WAPT Pro is a great tool for online application availability testing but what made the investment worthwhile for us was the exceptionally prompt and courteous support provided by the company." Motors.co.uk logo"This software has proven invaluable as a means of being able to simulate virtual user load on the new web servers located in our new Data Centre. We are currently in the process of migrating over, and this solution was key for testing how much load our new DC could take in its current setup."
Ivan Ilnitskiy, Noveo Zura Talikadze, TBC Bank
Noveo logo"We used WAPT Pro to test the performance of a mobile application for a startup company. The application featured a kind of complicated authentication scheme where third party websites were involved, and that was a tricky part from the technical perspective. Fortunately, SoftLogica provided us with a great tool for our test, but more importantly, they helped us implement the test, trained our QA team and conveyed to us quite important knowledge in the performance testing area. We do plan to continue using their products and services in our future projects." TBC Bank logo"SoftLogica helped us create tests on two occasions. First time it was a website with online access for our customers and second time it was a new CRM system for internal document flow that we deployed in our bank at the moment. In both cases we received fast assistance from SoftLogica’s team, which really helped us find and eliminate performance problems on time."

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