WAPT Cloud: On-demand performance testing solution in the cloud

WAPT Cloud is a powerful cloud-based load testing solution. It includes all test design and emulation features of WAPT Pro and all extension modules.

    • You do not need to choose between product versions and components everything is included by default;
    • You do not need to purchase expensive licenses all prices are based on modest per hour rates;
    • You do not need to install, configure and register the software just launch one WAPT Cloud instance and as many Cloud Engine instances as you need for your test;
    • You do not need to care about hardware you can choose from a list of available virtual configurations;
    • You do not need to have a fast network connection to run tests it is provided by the cloud service.


We offer flexible prices depending on the test volume and duration. No permanent licenses are required. You will be billed only for the time you run each instance.

WAPT Cloud


Cloud Engine for 2,000 virtual users


Cloud Engine for 5,000 virtual users


Cloud Engine for 10,000 virtual users



The above prices do not include the fees charged by the cloud service provider. These fees may depend on the generated network traffic and the parameters of the used instances; however these charges do not typically exceed $3 per hour even for very productive instances.

Initial setup of WAPT Cloud includes a load generating unit available on the same instance. This will let you start creating tests and running them with up to 250 concurrent virtual users. To generate a higher load you can easily integrate additional Cloud Engines available at capacities of 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000 virtual users per system. The total generated load can reach up to 1 million users.

Currently WAPT Cloud is available in Amazon EC2. Please read our step by step instruction on how to start using it in just few minutes.

Load testing with WAPT Cloud (PDF, 2.32Mb) describes how to create a simple typical test for a web application, execute it and interpret the results.