Convert GWT data to XML structures

The client part of a GWT application is often implemented in such a way that it can send remote procedure calls (RPC) to the server part. Such calls are passed inside special HTTP requests containing serialized data structures that are used as function arguments. The server replies with the function return value which can also be a complex data structure. This reply is provided in the corresponding HTTP response.

Even though the client-server communication inside a GWT application is done in text format, it is usually hard to parameterize, because all session-specific values can be hidden inside complex structures representing Java classes of your application.

The Module for GWT testing lets you import the jar/war files of your GWT project containing application .class files and .gwt.rpc files containing serialization policy in order to enable conversion of serialized data to XML. So, after installing and configuring the module on top of WAPT or WAPT Pro, you will see the XML documents inside the bodies of all GWT requests and responses. This will let you extract any values from responses with help of the standard XPath() function and parameterize requests with help of variables.

On the test execution the module will convert the parameterized XML back to GWT structures expected by your server to ensure the correct emulation.