Choosing components

How many concurrent virtual users can be created with WAPT?

Up to 2,000 in an average test. If your web application produces very long responses or if you enable options that use virtual memory very extensively (like full logging), the limit may be lower. For higher volume tests you can use the Pro version.

How many concurrent virtual users can be created with WAPT Pro?

By default WAPT Pro license allows you to use 2 load agents. If you want to extend this limit, you can purchase additional agent licenses. Each agent can generate about 2,000 concurrent virtual users. If you need to create a significantly higher number, we recommend using the x64 Load Engines instead of the regular agents. One engine can create more than 10,000 virtual users. So, the total possible test volume is almost unlimited. You only need to build the proper configuration for your test with help of agents or engines.

What is the difference between the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of WAPT Pro?

When downloading WAPT Pro you can choose between the 32 and 64 bit installation packages. 64 bit package includes 64 bit version of the workplace and regular Load Agent. The benefit of the 64 bit workplace is that you can use it for tests with a big number of long profiles. It does not have limitations on the virtual memory usage.

Can I use the 64 bit workplace with regular load agents?

Yes. By default WAPT Pro license allows you to use any version of the workplace, but only regular agents. If you would like to use the 64 bit version of the workplace, you can install it with help of the 64 bit installation package, while installing the agents with the 32 bit installation package.

Do I have to purchase the x64 Load Engine to use the 64 bit version?

No. By default WAPT Pro license allows you to use any version of the workplace, but only regular agents. So, you have a choice between purchasing the x64 Load Engine license and using regular agents.

Is it always better to use x64 Load Engines instead of the regular agents?

This depends on the nature of your test. In most cases the engine can create much more virtual users than a regular agent, which is limited to 2,000 users. However if your test utilizes nearly 100% of CPU or network resources when executed with regular agents, the same number of engines will not provide higher capacity. In this case you should extend configuration with more agents or improve the hardware.

I do not see my framework or technology among the supported ones. Can I test my web application with WAPT?

You can test any web application that uses HTTP(s) protocol for communication between the client and the server. This is the only requirement. If you are still not sure, try recording a session with the evaluation version of the product. It will take just few minutes to download and install it.

Which extension modules are required for my test?

Try recording a typical user session with your web application. In most cases WAPT automatically recognizes if a certain module is required (or recommended) to design your test. It will show the corresponding message when you finish recording. If you plan to use the product regularly to test different web applications, we recommend purchasing the full module pack. It is provided with a good discount.

Can I install and use the products in a cloud environment?

Yes, you can install our products on virtual systems and in any cloud environment. To comply with the license agreement, please make sure that only one instance per license is running at a time.

Licensing and ordering

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, if you can pay with wire/ACH or check, you are welcome to send your PO to us by email. We will provide product licenses to you upon receipt and will let you complete the payment in 30 days.

Can I use the same license to run tests for different clients?

Yes. Note however that you cannot transfer the license to your customers and cannot create additional installations of the product. In case of WAPT Pro this refers to the workplace component.

We need to move the product installation frequently to run tests for different clients. Do you have a floating license for such use?

We allow our customers to move the product installation, if this is required because of system upgrade and similar reasons. So, the license is floating in this respect, however it is not appropriate to move it for each new test.

If you need to move the installation frequently in order to run tests for different clients, we ask to purchase one additional license for this purpose. In other words, if you have more than one license, you can use them as fully floating.

Note also that in case of WAPT Pro you can move the agent installations without limitation to create load from different locations.

How many licenses for the extension modules should I order?

The modules are licensed per installation, which means that one license will allow you to install the module on one system where you run WAPT or the workplace component of WAPT Pro. The number of agents or engines used in the test is not important. You do not need to install the modules on the systems running agents or engines.

How long it will take to deliver the products?

Online orders are usually processed within an hour. We deliver licenses electronically. You will receive a serial number for each product license. This number is used to register the product installation and remove the limitation of the trial version.

What is the maintenance fee?

WAPT, WAPT Pro and x64 Load Engine licenses require yearly maintenance payments. When you initially order a license, the payment for the first year is included in your order. When the maintenance is expired, you need to renew it to continue using the product. Otherwise your license will be suspended until you pay the maintenance fee for another year.

Product functionality

I see errors after verifying my test. What should I do?

First of all, make sure that what you see is an error. One of the typical mistakes is to treat 401 and 30X response codes as errors.

If you see the 404 response code for a page element, check that the corresponding resource is available. This error often indicates a small functional problem with a broken link, which is not always evident in a browser.

In all other cases compare the logged response (header and body) with the originally recorded page. You can do this with help of the "Compare with recorded" button available in the log viewer. If you see the same error in both places, this indicates a functional problem with your application. If the originally recorded response was different, most likely this is a parameterization problem. In such case you need to replace some session-specific values with variables.

Can I test a web service with WAPT?

Yes, WAPT can be used to test any web service working over HTTP(s). If your service does not have any web interface accessible through a browser, you can create a profile manually by adding HTTP requests and editing them.

Web services require an XML document to be placed in the request body. After you add a request, change its method to POST and place the required XML on the "POST parameters" tab. The content of the XML should be described in the service specification.

When I browse server responses in the log, I see a message saying that JavaScript is not supported or enabled. Why?

This message does not indicate a real problem. It can be displayed in the log viewer and on the "Response Processing" page for the initially recorded responses. WAPT does not execute JavaScript code on the pages that it displays. In most cases it is not possible to execute such code correctly without full browser context and additional included files. To design a correct test you need to compare server responses on verification with the originally recorded ones. You can do this in the text mode.

In the list of agents on the WAPT Pro workplace I see that one of the agents is offline. What should I do?

Try the following steps:

1. Make sure that the build date of the agent and the workplace is the same. You can check the build date in the Load Agent Manager on the system where it is installed. Workplace build date is provided in the "About" box. If you find a different build, please update the installation.

2. Restart the agent using the Load Agent Manager. It is available on the Start menu.

3. Refresh the list of agents on the workplace.

4. Check the connectivity between the workplace and the agent systems.

5. Check that the agent service is added to the exceptions in the Windows Firewall. It should be able to listen on the port specified in the Load Agent Manager. Workplace connects to that port. When you install the agent, this exception is added automatically if you accept it.

6. Check the port number. It should be the same in the Load Agent Manager and the agent settings on the workplace.

When I record a test with the embedded browser, my web application works incorrectly.

The functionality of the embedded browser window is limited, so if your application produces errors or does not show some interface elements correctly, try using an external browser instead. You can select it in the "Recording Options" dialog.

I specified a folder for the log files, but I do not see any logs in it.

Test logs may be very long, if you enable full logging. That is why log files are not downloaded from load agents by default. If you want WAPT Pro to download all log files automatically on test completion, choose the “Store logs in subfolders” option. Otherwise each log file is downloaded only when you expand the logs folder of the corresponding virtual user. You can also initiate download by choosing "File | Save logs".

The users of our web site are coming from a number of geographical locations. How can I emulate this with WAPT Pro?

In general, you can install a number of load agents in different locations and run a distributed test. However you need to have additional agent licenses for this, because by default WAPT Pro license allows you to use only 2 agents simultaneously.

Note however that such setup is useless in most cases, because your site will hardly respond differently depending on the geographical location of the user. So, you will only check the connection speed from different locations. This can be done without running a load test.

So, you can run the test from any location that provides the required bandwidth and fast connection to your site. If you want to extrapolate the response time results to another location, you should add the corresponding connection delay.

Some columns in the test report are painted yellow and red. What does this mean?

When running a test, load agents can experience high system resource consumption. This can potentially lead to incorrect test results, because if an agent does not have sufficient CPU resource, it cannot produce the specified load correctly. Corresponding test periods are highlighted with yellow (over 80% resource usage) and red (over 98% resource usage) in the report.

If this is a result of occasional spikes, you can ignore it. However if you see that the high load periods are always painted red, you should extend the testing environment by improving hardware or adding more load agents/engines.

What is Avg90?

Avg90 is such a value that 90% of all values from a set are smaller or equal to it. For example, let’s consider this set: {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10}. Simple average value for this set is 5.5, whereas Avg90 is 9.

If you want 90% of all requests to complete in N seconds or faster, Avg90 should be smaller or equal to N.

Some tables in the report contain numbers in brackets. What does this mean?

The meaning is always specified in the table title. For example, in the response time table each cell contains the response time with page elements in brackets near the value of the response time for the main page request.

Support and services

Will you help me create a test for my web application if I purchase a license?

We provide free technical support on the general product functionality. In fact, you do not have to purchase a license to receive it. You can try creating your test with the evaluation version of WAPT or WAPT Pro and send any questions to

Note that we will not do all the work for you in terms of the free support. However we will advise on how to resolve the problem you may have with the test and point you in the right direction.

If you want us to prepare a ready-to-use test for your site, we can do this in terms of our load testing service for additional charge.

How quickly will you reply if I send a letter with questions to you?

We always reply within one business day, which actually means that you have a good chance to get an answer in few hours. So, don't hesitate to contact us in case of any questions or problems.

If I find a bug in the product, how fast will you provide a fixed version?

In most cases it takes 1-3 days to fix a reported problem provided that we can reproduce it. You will not need to wait for the next official build. We always provide personal fixes as soon as we have a solution.

Can we discuss my problems and questions by phone?

We usually provide technical support by email, because we believe that this is the most efficient way of communication for this kind of product. It is often required to send additional data files and/or screenshots to illustrate a problem. Sometimes we need to work with our development team on issues reported by our customers. This task is hardly possible to accomplish during a phone call. That is why if you have a specific problem or a question, we would like to ask you to please outline it in an email. We will do our best to provide the detailed reply as soon as possible.

How much do you charge for your load testing service?

The price mainly depends on the complexity of the client-server communication used in your application. To provide the exact quote we need to take a look at your application. If it is not available online, you can provide temporary access restricted to our IP address, or setup a VPN account for us. In any case we only need user level access over HTTP(s).

In most cases the price for preparing the emulation of one type of user session is in range 1'000-2'000 USD. If you need several different ones for the same web application, the price per session type will be smaller. The price of running the test, analyzing results and preparing a test report depends on the test options, but usually it is within the 2'000-3'000 USD range.

Can you help us create tests onsite?

We do not usually send our specialists onsite, because this would be a very expensive solution for you. Instead, we can do all the work remotely. We only need user level access to your web application over HTTP(s). You can provide it directly or over VPN.

General questions

How long will it take to create and run a load test?

This depends on your current technical background and the complexity of the web application you need to test. You do not have to be familiar with any programming languages. Only basic knowledge of HTTP is required. However additional technical experience can help you understand the parameterization concept faster.

In general, you can record a test and run it immediately (if it does not require parameterizing any session-specific values). However we recommend spending at least several hours evaluating the product before running the full capacity load tests. If you have any questions on the product functionality, you can always contact us at

Can you provide customer references?

We have more than 3000 customers worldwide, but we cannot reveal contact details without customer permission. Some clients who agreed to provide references and links are listed here.

Can I talk to other people using your products?

Yes, you are welcome to post any questions on our online forum and communicate with other WAPT users.

What are the benefits of WAPT compared to the free load testing tools?

WAPT is much easier to use than most free tools. In some cases you can do same things several times faster, which is a very good reason to pay for the product.

However the main benefit is the technical support service. If you face a problem using our products or have a question, you can always contact us and get fast reply.

What are the benefits of WAPT compared to other commercial load testing tools?

If you thoroughly compare major load testing tools used in the industry, you will find that they all have almost identical functionality. The only difference is the ease of use in various applications and the prices. Our priority is to keep our products affordable for the clients while providing top quality support services.