WAPT Pro 5: Integrated performance testing solution

WAPT Pro is the core component in a scalable load testing environment. It combines the inherent ease of use that has been recognized in WAPT tools over the last decade with the power of efficiency and a trend towards the modern technologies and practices.

You can create tests for websites, web API services and mobile applications with a built-in test recorder. Extended feature set will let you emulate even the most intricate communication schemes within the user sessions. The ability to run tests by multiple load generation units lets you verify the performance of high-end server solutions with up to 1M concurrent users. The integration capabilities open the door for regression testing with WAPT Pro in Agile and DevOps environments.

The following highlights provide a vision on the benefits of the Pro version in comparison to the regular WAPT tool.

Scalable configuration
Test execution is fully managed by the workplace component of the product, while the load is generated by special system services called load agents or engines. The number of attached agents is virtually unlimited, meaning that you can increase the test volume up to any required capacity.

Cloud-ready solution
Both the workplace component and load agents/engines can be installed and used anywhere, including cloud environments and virtual systems. Agents do not have to be in the same local network with the workplace or the target server. They can be managed remotely.

Server and database monitoring
You can setup the direct monitoring of the performance parameters, such as CPU, RAM or network usage and hundreds other counters. WAPT Pro will receive the data directly from the servers running the application being tested. SNMP, WMI, ODBC and Apache interfaces are supported. Predefined set of counters is provided for Apache, IIS, MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle servers.

JavaScript-enabled data processing
When testing enterprise applications and feature-rich websites, you may face a situation when it is not possible to fully emulate the client functionality without executing parts of its JavaScript code. In WAPT Pro you can insert scripts between any two steps of the user session. The code gets access to the server response data and can modify the values of internal variables conveying the result of the processing to the subsequent session steps.

Native 64 bit components
WAPT Pro features native 64 bit workplace component and can generate test load with help of the powerful x64 Load Engines. This removes any technical limitations on the size of the data used in the tests, the length and complexity of the user sessions and the test volume.

Extended test results
WAPT Pro lets you implement custom procedures for the analysis of the test results. You can calculate performance parameters most important for your specific application. If you need even further refinement and more thorough exploration with third party tools, WAPT Pro can output the response time statistics on each and every executed request to the external data files.

Agile / DevOps integration
WAPT Pro can be used inside any continuous integration environment. Its command line interface let you setup test executions triggered from outside and customize the output of the results. A special plugin is provided for smooth integration with Jenkins.

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