WAPT and WAPT Pro demo versions are limited to 20 concurrent virtual users, but fully functional in all other respects. You can download and install one of the tools to see how it fits your testing requirements before making the purchase decision.    

Features Compared:




Record user sessions with any desktop or mobile browser +   +  
Test applications featuring AJAX calls and RIA technologies +   +  
Support of authentication schemes and client certificates +   +  
Flexible error handling and adjustable pass/fail criteria +   +  
Customizable server response validation +   +  
Charts with instant test results available at run time +   +  
Customizable test report with over 20 tables +   +  
Integrated log viewer with side by side data comparison +   +  
Distributed testing with multiple load agents -   +  
Custom pass/fail criteria and test results analysis functions -   +  
Direct server performance monitoring via SNMP and WMI -   +  
Database performance monitoring -   +  
Embedded JavaScript code for in-session calculations -   +  
Export of raw timing data to CSV files -   +  
Integration with x64 Load Engine for large volume tests -   +  
Full integration with Jenkins -   +  


Powerful load generation unit for WAPT Pro capable of running over 10,000 virtual users per system.



Download all available WAPT technology add-ons in one installation package.



Please scroll this page down, if you prefer a separate installation file for each module:
- Adobe Flash
- Silverlight
- Binary formats
- SharePoint
- WebSocket
- PeopleSoft

Extension modules will help you test web sites implemented with specific technologies. You can evaluate any of them along with the main product. The functionality of each module is restricted to 20 virtual users in the evaluation mode.    


Enables the automatic parameterization of the view state and event validation values.



Adds formatting for JSON messages and automatically creates variables for session-specific JSON values.




Converts binary AMF structures used by Flash applications to XML form.

Adobe Flash



Converts binary structures used by Silverlight applications to XML form.




Converts GWT data to XML structures facilitating work with session-specific values.




Works with the binary data inside the HTTP requests and responses.

Binary formats



Parameterizes the form digest values in the headers and request parameters of SharePoint applications.




Utilizes WebSocket protocol for instant data updates.




Automates client-set cookies creation in PeopleSoft tests.





Operation System Requirements

WAPT/WAPT Pro/extension modules:
  • 64-bit OS: Microsoft Windows 8/10/11, Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2016/2019
  • Browser: Microsoft IE 6 (or higher), Firefox 3.0 (or higher) or Google Chrome
  • At least 500 MB of free disk space for test source files and logs

Minimum hardware requirements

WAPT/WAPT Pro workplace component/extension modules: Intel Core i3 / AMD Athlon II, 8 Gb RAM, Gigabit Ethernet
Load Agent: Intel Core i5 / AMD Phenom, 8 Gb RAM, Gigabit Ethernet
x64 Load Engine: Intel Core i5 / AMD Phenom, 16 Gb RAM, Gigabit Ethernet


WAPT and WAPT Pro: Run the file downloaded from this website and follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard. For WAPT Pro you can select components: workplace and load agent. Uncheck the workplace, if you are installing an additional agent for use from a workplace running on a different system. There is no need to reboot your system after installation.

Extension modules: Run the downloaded module installation file on the system where you have WAPT or WAPT Pro workplace component installed. Restart the product after the module installation is completed.

x64 Load Engine: Run the downloaded engine installation file on the system that you would like to use for the load generation. It will install the required engine system service. You can run the Engine Manager from the Start menu to configure the engine. Use the WAPT Pro workplace to connect to the engine at the configured port.


Uninstallation removes all components added to your system during the installation (WAPT Pro Workplace and Load Agent). Load Agent service is stopped and removed.

Method #1: [1] Close the program window [2] On Windows Start menu choose SoftLogica and select WAPT or WAPT Pro [3] Click Uninstall WAPT or WAPT Pro [4] The window of Uninstallation Wizard will appear, just follow Wizard instructions.

Method #2: [1] On Windows Start menu select Control Panel [2] Choose Programs and Features [3] Find WAPT or WAPT Pro in the list of currently installed programs [4] Click the Uninstall button.

License Policy

All our products are copyrighted and licensed. Please read the WAPT License Agreement carefully. Your use of WAPT, WAPT Pro, Load Agent, x64 Load Engine and/or extension modules indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in that Agreement. If you do not agree to those terms and conditions, you may not install, or use the products listed above.