Load Testing Service: Hire us for your load testing project to save time and budget

If you need to complete a load testing project in a short time, do not want to invest additional money in staff training, and prefer to have a quality guarantee from testing professionals, we will be happy to provide our load testing service to you.

In terms of this service we will do the following:

    • Work with you to specify the test goals and performance criteria for your web site.
    • Analyze the behavior of the typical site users and design the test accordingly.
    • Create test plan that will include the proposed tests.
    • Record and parameterize virtual user profiles to create correct and realistic emulation.
    • Execute the prepared tests using our facilities in the cloud or your own environment.
    • Create a report with the test results and our suggestions for performance improvements.

Being totally independent form your development team, we can look at your web site with a fresh eye and check its performance impartially.

Along with the report we will deliver the source files required to re-run the test and all the information on how to build a similar test from scratch. Your team will be able to repeat all the steps next time, if you decide to continue testing in-house.


On each project we provide a quote in advance and charge only after your approval. Our prices are quite affordable. In most cases you will save in comparison with the in-house testing, because you will not need to invest in staff training.


A typical testing project can be completed in a week. If you need longer or more thorough testing, this is not a problem as well. In any case we are ready to start working on your project immediately.


We have a team of professionals with many years of experience in load testing. We develop the load testing software ourselves. This guarantees the quality of our work on every step: from requirements analysis to test report creation.

If you are interested, please drop a note to services@loadtestingtool.com.

We guarantee that any information that we receive from you will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only inside our company for the purpose of providing this service to you.