Load Testing Service: Outsource your performance testing project to us

We help businesses mitigate the risks of unexpected performance issues in their web solutions. Our services are targeted at load testing of all types of websites from online stores and mobile applications to corporate ERP and CRM systems.

A typical project includes the following activities:

    • Determination of the test goals and performance criteria with the client
    • Analysis of the application business logic and expected user behavior
    • Creation of the test plan with the full load specification
    • Implementation of the realistic emulation of each user session
    • Test execution with help of our WAPT Pro load testing solution
    • Analysis of the performance statistic data obtained in the test
    • Preparation of the test report with suggestions for performance improvements

We can provide a more specific service upon request. For example, to employ the client's QA team for the test run, we can prepare test source files and license the required WAPT Pro components. We can also assist with the analysis of the results after the test is completed.

Download the "Load testing services by SoftLogica: Scope and details, pricing and deliverables" brochure (PDF, 4.6Mb).

Being totally independent form your development team, we can look at your website with a fresh eye and check its performance impartially.


Project quotes are provided in advance and billing only takes place once approved. Our prices are quite affordable. In most cases your total expenses will be smaller in comparison with the in-house testing. We will let you save on staff training and hardware costs.


On average, one-time testing projects are completed in a week while recurring arrangements are also available. Additionally, we can help establish a client testing environment for regression testing. In any case we are ready to start working on your project immediately.


We have a team of professionals with over 10 years of experience in load testing. We develop the testing tools ourselves. This ensures the quality of our work from the initial analysis to the test design and the preparation of a report.

For getting a quote on a project contact us at services@loadtestingtool.com.

We guarantee that any information received from you (including site content and credentials) will be handled securely.