Post-processing of Recorded Requests

WAPT Pro performs the post-processing of recorded requests. The main point of post-processing is the automatic parameterization of dynamic values. When the program finds the session-specific values in responses during recording, in some cases it can automatically create variables and substitute them in subsequent requests instead of the static values of parameters. During the test these variables will get the actual values expected by the server.

The feature of automatic parameterization helps you reduce your manual work on creation of session variables and changing the recorded URLs. You can use this feature in the following cases:

If you know that some dynamic value is always surrounded by the certain symbols on the left and on the right
To use this feature, you should check the option Search for strings between specified boundaries on the Parameterization tab of program settings and specify the boundaries.

If you know that dynamic data on your site is kept mainly in the hidden fields of HTML code
To use this feature, you should check the option Extract to variables values of hidden fields in HTML forms on the Parameterization tab of program settings.

WAPT Pro also performs the automatic parameterization of JSESSIONID cookie values and automatic parameterization of some tokens:

Access tokens for OAuth authorization,
CSRF tokens.

Post-processing in WAPT Pro with the Installed Modules

Installation of special modules enables additional functionality for automatic parameterization in WAPT Pro.

  1. Automatic parameterization of ASP.NET-specific values
    ASP requests usually contain __VIEWSTATE and __EVENTVALIDATION parameters. They are transferred either in the hidden fields of server responses, or in the form of ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel Controls. Using the Module for testing WAPT Pro can extract both types of parameters and correctly parameterize them. This is done automatically using the module, so you do not need to parameterize the ASP requests manually.

  2. Automatic parameterization of session-specific values in JSON messages
    Using the Module for JSON format WAPT Pro can find session-specific values in JSON messages received from the server and automatically parameterize them. When WAPT Pro finds such values during recording, it creates special variables named JSONAutoVar01 (JSONAutoVar02 and so on).

  3. Automatic parameterization of Request Digest values in SharePoint applications
    SharePoint applications use special tokens called "request digest" or "form digest" to validate POST requests to SharePoint. Using the Module for SharePoint Testing WAPT Pro can extract the Request Digest tokens from server responses and automatically parameterize them in the headers and post parameters of subsequent requests.

  4. Automatic parameterization of PS_DEVICEFEATURES cookie values in PeopleSoft applications
    Oracle's PeopleSoft applications set a special cookie in the browser before the POST request is built. This cookie is called PS_DEVICEFEATURES. Using the Module for PeopleSoft Testing WAPT Pro can find this cookie in request headers during recording and automatically parameterize its values in the headers of subsequent requests.

For details see the Help of the necessary module.

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