Extended Data Format Support

You can use WAPT / WAPT Pro to test any web application that uses HTTP protocol for client-server communication. A test is recorded as a sequence of HTTP requests that constitutes a user session. During the test WAPT replays the recorded session with some modifications. These modifications are required to make each session unique and consistent. To do this WAPT extracts some values from the received server response and uses them as parameters of the subsequent requests. Usually this is done with the help of special functions that can search for values in responses.

This approach works independently from the technology used to implement the web site. Additionally, WAPT supports some extended data formats that provides the following benefits.

You do not need to specify manually how to extract and use each parameter, which is standard for a given technology. This is done automatically after recording a profile.
You can view and edit the data passed between the client and server in a convenient form.
Special functions to extract the data from server responses.
Ability to work with binary data.

Currently WAPT / WAPT Pro supports the following data formats and technologies:

Adobe Flash
GWT (Google Web Toolkit)
Binary data

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