Testing of PeopleSoft Applications

After you install the Module for PeopleSoft Testing on a computer running WAPT or WAPT Pro Workplace, you will be able to test Oracle's PeopleSoft applications.

The PeopleSoft applications set a special cookie in the browser before the POST request is built. This cookie is called PS_DEVICEFEATURES and it enumerates the capabilities of the client’s browser (e.g. width, height, pixel density, geolocation, canvas, etc).

The Module for PeopleSoft Testing tracks the PS_DEVICEFEATURES cookie in the headers of requests. If such cookie appears in some request during recording, the module creates a new variable PeopleSoft1 (PeopleSoft2, PeopleSoft3 and so on) in the list of profile's Initial variables. This variable gets the value of PS_DEVICEFEATURES cookie. After that WAPT finds all subsequent requests where this cookie was sent during recording and parameterizes its values: the originally recorded cookie values are replaced with the PeopleSoft1 variable.

All parameterization work is done automatically by the module during recording, so you will not need to parameterize cookie values manually. Here you can see an example how it works.

Note. In the unregistered version of the Module for PeopleSoft Testing, the maximum number of virtual users for tests designed for PeopleSoft applications is limited to 20. This limitation is removed when you register the product.

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