Automatic Parameterization in Action

Let's see how the Module for PeopleSoft Testing facilitates the process of automatic parameterization of PS_DEVICEFEATURES cookie value.

When the PS_DEVICEFEATURES cookie appears in some request during recording:

the module creates a new variable PeopleSoft1 (PeopleSoft2, PeopleSoft3 and so on) in the list of Initial variables:

(To access the list of profile's initial variables, go to profile properties and click the "Initial variables" button.)

The PeopleSoft1 variable gets the value of PS_DEVICEFEATURES cookie. After that, in the headers of all subsequent requests where this cookie was sent during recording, its originally recorded value is replaced with the PeopleSoft1 variable:

Let's run the verification test to make sure that automatic parameterization works correctly. Click the "Verify Test" button on the toolbar to start the test. After the test finishes, open the "Logs" view:

Here you can see that the test passed successfully and the value of PS_DEVICEFEATURES cookie was taken from variable.

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