Automatic Parameterization of JSESSIONID Cookie Values

JSESSIONID is a cookie generated by Servlet containers and used for session management in J2EE web applications for HTTP protocol. If a Web server is using a cookie for session management, it creates and sends JSESSIONID cookie to the client and then the client sends it back to the server in subsequent HTTP requests.

WAPT Pro can automatically parameterize the JSESSIONID cookie values. Let's see how it works. When the program finds this cookie in response header during recording, it creates the corresponding variable jsessionid-cookie1 (jsessionid-cookie2 and so on):

This variable is calculated using the $Cookie function which retrieves the value of JSESSIONID from the HTTP header of server response. If you test the result of this function (click the "Test" button in function properties), you will see cookie value:

WAPT Pro inserts created variable in the URL paths of subsequent requests instead of recorded value of JSESSIONID:

During the test the actual value of JSESSIONID will be received from the server and used in URL paths.

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