WAPT Pro User Interface

WAPT Pro Workplace provides the user interface for test engineers. It is used to design test scenarios, launch and control test execution, and analyze the results.

WAPT Pro Workplace provides a complete set of interface controls to make your work quicker and easier.

Program Menus allow managing your profiles, requests, test scenarios and test results with a number of options.

Context Menus allow performing program operations by right-clicking the mouse and choosing the needed command.

Toolbar allows performing program operations using the functional buttons.

Additional Toolbar will help you navigate through the log. It becomes active when you click on any item of the Logs tree view.

Navigation Pane will help you navigate between different program views. If you click on any item of the Navigation Pane, you will see its contents in the right pane.

Hot Keys allow performing some program operations using the combination of keys instead of toolbar buttons and menu options.

Command Line allows performing program operations without opening WAPT Pro Workplace.

You can use Load Agent Manager if you need to change the settings of Load Agent running on the current computer (or x64 Load Engine Manager for x64 Load Engine).

Settings dialog allows adjusting program settings.

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