Program Menus

Program menus allow you to perform WAPT Pro operations with a number of options.

File menu

New: Creates either a new test scenario, or a new user profile.

Scenario... (Ctrl+N): Creates a new test scenario. By clicking this option, a New Scenario Wizard is initiated. This wizard will help you create a new test scenario depending on your test goals.
Profile... (Ctrl+P): Creates a new user profile. By clicking this option, the New Profile dialog appears. Enter a new profile name and specify a file where it will be saved to.

Open..: Opens either a file with test scenario, or user profile, or test results, or a folder with generated log files. Scenario... (Ctrl+O): Opens a file with test scenario. In the displayed dialog, select a desired file and click Open. WAPT Pro scenario files have the extension .wpsx.
Profile..: Opens a file with user profile and adds that profile to the current test scenario. In the displayed dialog, select a desired file and click Open. WAPT Pro profile files have the extension .wppx.
Results..: Opens WAPT Pro result file which contains test results and also test scenario and profiles used to get these results. You will be able to view test results in the form of Summary Report, Summary Graphs and graphs for all user profiles and individual pages. In the displayed dialog, select a desired file and click Open. WAPT Pro result files have the extension .wprx.
Logs..: Opens a folder containing log files generated earlier in WAPT Pro. In the displayed dialog, select a desired folder with log files and click Open. WAPT Pro will parse log files from the selected folder and display information in the Logs tree view. Log files generated in WAPT Pro have the extension .log.

Save (Ctrl+S): Saves changes made in the current test scenario and user profiles.

Save Scenario As..: Saves the test scenario in required location. By clicking this option, the Save As dialog appears. Type a name for your test scenario, select a location and click Save. The file will be saved as a file with .wpsx extension. It is WAPT Pro extension for scenario files.

Save Results..: Saves results of test run in selected format. You can select the following options:

HTML Files (*.html;*.htm)
CSV (Comma separated values) (*.csv)
WAPT Pro Results Files (*.wprx)

If you save test results in CSV format, you will be able to import them later, any time you wish to Microsoft® Excel.

The extension .wprx is WAPT Pro extension for test result files. After saving, you will be able to open this file in WAPT Pro and view the results in the form of text reports and graphs. WAPT Pro result file also includes the current test scenario and profiles used to get these results.

Save Logs..: Saves log files generated during test run to a selected folder. By clicking this button you will see the Browse For Folder dialog where you can select a folder.

Save Current Chart to Image..: Saves the chart selected in the Navigation Pane as an image in png format in required location. This option is active only when you select some chart in the Navigation Pane.

Save Current Report to HTML..: Saves any report selected in the Navigation Pane (in the Summary Report folder) as HTML file in required location. This option is active only when you select some report in the Navigation Pane.

Exit: By clicking this option, WAPT Pro Workplace will exit.

Edit menu

Add: Using this option you can add a new bookmark, a new request, or operator selected in the list.

Bookmark: Adds a new bookmark after the selected request.
Request: Adds a new request to the selected profile.
Streaming: Adds a new streaming request to the selected profile.
JavaScript/Loop/While/If Then Else..: Adds a selected operator to the current profile.

Find and Replace... (Ctrl+F): Using this option, you can search for some text string in the properties of requests and profiles and replace it with another text string.
Parameterize... (Ctrl+T): Opens the Parameterization dialog. It facilitates the process of parameterization especially in cases when you have many parameters with the same value.

View menu

Toolbar: Shows/hides program toolbar.
Status Bar: Shows/hides program status bar.

Actions menu

Start Recording: Starts recording web pages. WAPT Pro records your activity in the program built-in browser as you navigate through a web site. You will see a dialog where you will need to specify a profile for recording.
Stop Recording: Stops the recording process.

Verify Test: Validates the current test scenario by running each user profile once with full logging. You can validate your test scenario before running the test to make sure that it does not contain errors.

Run Test: Runs the test. If you set a scheduled test run, then the test will start at the specified time (you can set the scheduling options in the Test Volume view).
Stop Test: Interrupts the test execution. This operation is not momentary. The program waits until the already requested URLs are loaded and then interrupts the test.

Tools menu

Import Performance Counters..: Using this command, you can import performance counters from another scenario.
Set baseline response times..: By clicking this option WAPT Pro displays a dialog suggesting you to set new values of baseline response times.

Settings... (Alt+F7): Opens the Settings dialog where you can view and modify program settings.

Help menu

Contents (F1): Shows WAPT Pro Help topics.
Tip of the Day..: Opens the Tip of the Day dialog. You can uncheck the option Show Tips on StartUp in that dialog, and it will not be displayed on program startup.

WAPT Pro on the Web..: Takes you to WAPT Pro site on the web.
Request Support by email..: You can send your comments and suggestions or report your problems to WAPT Pro technical support team by email.
Ask for Assistance from WAPT Team..: You can get help from our experienced QA team. Click this option to initiate the assistance request dialog.

Order Maintenance and Extensions..: Takes you to WAPT Pro pricing page on the web containing the information about purchasing and registration procedure. You can order the product and extensions/modules there.
Renew Product Registration..: Use this option to enter your new license key to renew WAPT Pro registration.

Enter Your Serial Number.../Enter New Load Agent Serial Number..: Use the first option to register your copy of WAPT Pro upon purchasing. After registration you will see the second option on the menu. Use it if you wish to extend the limit of available Load Agents that you can run simultaneously in your tests.

Modules Registration: Use this option to register your copy of additional WAPT Pro modules upon purchasing. Here is the list of available modules.

About WAPT Pro..: Provides the information about the current version of WAPT Pro, the number of load agents and the list of installed modules. Here you can also see the date when product maintenance expires.
The "About WAPT Pro" dialog contains the Unregister button. Using it you can unregister the installed version of WAPT Pro on your computer.

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