Work with Streaming Data

Streaming request has several special features which distinguish it from usual requests.

  1. For such request, receiving of any chunk of data causes its processing.
  2. Streaming request can be stopped using the Stop Request operator.

WAPT Pro records all requests as usual requests. After recording you can manually convert any request to streaming if you need to process it in a special way (by chunks of data) or if you want to use it in the "Stop Request" operator. To convert a request to streaming, click the Convert To Streaming option on the right-click menu of request. You can convert the streaming back to request using the Convert To Request option on the right-click menu.

Streaming requests have a different icon in the tree view: .

On the Streaming properties tab you can specify several conditions to stop the streaming:

Current session is completed: The streaming will be stopped when the current session is completed.
The number of chunks/frames reaches _ : The streaming will be stopped when the number of chunks/frames reaches a number specified here.
Total data received exceeds _ kilobytes: The streaming will be stopped when the total received data exceeds the amount of kilobytes specified here.
Duration exceeds _ seconds: The streaming will be stopped when its duration exceeds the time specified here.

If you check several conditions, then the streaming will be stopped when any of these conditions is fulfilled.

Other properties of streaming requests are similar to the properties of usual requests.

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