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If you are a licensed user of a previous version of WAPT or WAPT Pro, check our Upgrades page for available upgrade options.

* Additional amount denotes the maintenance fee for the 1st year. You can always renew or extend the maintenance period at the same yearly price. Please note that your credit card will NOT be automatically charged after the end of the period.

$700 +$300*   $1200 +$300*  

Features Compared:




Record user sessions with any desktop or mobile browser +   +  
Test applications featuring AJAX calls and RIA technologies +   +  
Support of authentication schemes and client certificates +   +  
Flexible error handling and adjustable pass/fail criteria +   +  
Customizable server response validation +   +  
Charts with instant test results available at run time +   +  
Customizable test report with over 20 tables +   +  
Integrated log viewer with side by side data comparison +   +  
Distributed testing with multiple load agents -   +  
Custom pass/fail criteria and test results analysis functions -   +  
Direct server performance monitoring via SNMP and WMI -   +  
Database performance monitoring -   +  
Embedded JavaScript code for in-session calculations -   +  
Export of raw timing data to CSV files -   +  
Integration with x64 Load Engine for large volume tests -   +  
64-bit version of the workplace component -   +  
Full integration with Jenkins -   +  


x64 Load Engine
Order $900+$250*
Load Agent

Note that WAPT Pro license comes with 2 Load Agents included. You can buy Load Agent licenses to use more.

Order $300

Modules testing
Order $250
JSON format
Order $250
Adobe Flash testing
Order $350
Silverlight testing
Order $300
GWT testing
Order $350
Binary formats
Order $300
Module Pack $1800

Get all 6 modules in one package for a special price.

Order $950

If you are unsure about the product options and configuration that would best suit your testing requirements, please contact us. We will provide recommendations on the optimal software and hardware configuration. The configuration consulting service is completely free.

Registration instructions

Once you've purchased a product and received your serial number, you need to register your installation. Please follow the instructions below:

WAPT and WAPT Pro: Run the product and choose "Help | Enter your serial numberů" from the menu. If the evaluation period is over, just click the "Register" button in the dialog.

Extension Modules: Run WAPT or WAPT Pro and choose "Help | Modules registration | Enter serial number forů" from the menu.

x64 Load Engine: Run the x64 Load Engine Manager from the Start menu and click the "Register x64 Load Engine" button.

In case the online registration does not work, click the "Register by email" button. A registration message identifying your installation will be created automatically. Please send it to us.

If you experience any problems during the registration process, please, contact us at We will be happy to assist you with the registration.