WAPT Pro Result File

You can save generated text reports and the data for graphs in the form of WAPT Pro result file. For this, click the Save Results button on the program toolbar when the test is finished and select WAPT Pro Results Files (*.wpr) as file type. WAPT Pro result file has the default extension .wpr. This file also includes the current test scenario and user profiles.

After saving, you will be able to open this file in WAPT Pro and view the results in the form of Summary Report, Summary Graphs and graphs for all user profiles and individual pages. To open WAPT Pro result file, click the Open -> Results... button on the program toolbar:

In the displayed dialog, select a desired file and click Open.

Besides, you can open WAPT Pro result file by double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer. This will launch WAPT Pro with the current test scenario and results.

Note that WAPT Pro result file is accessible only for viewing; you cannot modify it manually. This file stores raw results of test run. It is intended for keeping the results, scenario and profiles in a separate file so that you can open this file in WAPT Pro at any time and view results in the form of graphs and reports.

WAPT Pro result files are full results of test run. They represent all data gathered during the test. This differs them from Summary Report and HTML Report which store only a part of results according to the Number of columns in tables value. (The whole test duration interval is divided into this number of intervals. The program calculates the averaged data on each interval and shows it in HTML Report and Summary Report.)

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