Work with AMF-Streaming Data

Streaming is a special request which is executed in parallel with the main execution of user profile. It is a branch which is executed in background simultaneously with the main request.

WAPT recognizes AMF-streaming data during recording. Such requests appear in the left pane as "streaming" requests.

If the Module for Adobe® Flash® Testing is installed on your system, you can parameterize such requests. This means replacing the static values of parameters by dynamic values calculated with the help of special WAPT functions.

Streaming properties

You can specify several conditions to stop streaming:

Current session is completed: The streaming will be stopped when the current session is completed.
The number of chunks reaches _ : The streaming will be stopped when the number of chunks reaches a number specified here.
The streamed data length exceeds _ kilobytes: The streaming will be stopped when the streamed data length exceeds the amount of kilobytes specified here.
Duration exceeds _ seconds: The streaming will be stopped when its duration exceeds the time specified here.

If you specify several conditions, then the streaming will be stopped when any of these conditions is fulfilled.

While the streaming is executed, you cannot manage it or interact with it. You cannot stop the streaming manually. It will be stopped when the specified condition(s) is fulfilled.

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