Log Settings

In the Log Settings view you can define the settings for log files.

You can set WAPT Pro to create full logs or failed sessions logs. Log files will help you know what occurred during test run.

Full log is a comprehensive log of WAPT Pro test run that includes information on all requests, responses, redirects and returned HTML code.

Failed sessions log contains only failed sessions.

Note that creation of full logs may require much space on the disk. Usually it is necessary for functional testing or when you verify a test scenario with dynamic parameter values.

Level of detail: Select the type of log file that will be created during the test run.

Disable: No log files will be created.
Failed sessions only: A log file will contain only failed sessions. If some session was executed without errors, it is not shown in the log. For each failed session you will see its full log in the "Logs" view.
Full: For each virtual user participating in the test, a full log will be created.
Full for 1st user, failed sessions for others: A full log will be created for the first user of each profile. For other users, the log file will contain only failed sessions.
Full for 1st user, disable for others: A full log will be created for the first user of each profile. For other users, no log files will be created.

Maximum response length in log: Using this option you can limit the length of server responses in the log. The specified value defines the maximum length of any response received from the server during test run (without images). If the length of some response exceeds this value, the end of that response is cut off.

By default, logs are saved to a folder specified in General settings (Save log files to edit-box). The following option defines a subfolder in that folder where logs will be saved to. If you use this option, log files received from different tests will not overwrite each other.

Store logs in subfolders: Check this option to save logs to a subfolder of the default folder for log files. When WAPT Pro workplace downloads users' logs from agents, it saves them to this folder.
If this option is not checked, logs will be downloaded from agents at the moment when you click a user session in the "Logs" folder of tree view. This operation may take some time.
Here you also see the default pattern that will be used to generate names of subfolders. Click the Edit pattern... button to modify this pattern.

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