JavaScript Settings

On this tab of program settings you can create WAPT Pro JavaScript library - a set of files with JavaScript functions. All declared functions are global - they can be called in all virtual user profile scripts.

Add File..: You can add one or several JavaScript files stored on your local computer or in the Local Area Network to JavaScript library. Click this button and select a desired JavaScript file.

Add URL..: You can add one or several URLs containing the desired JavaScript code. Click this button and type the necessary URL. WAPT Pro will download the JavaScript file from the specified URL. You will be able to call functions declared in that file in your scripts.

All files and URLs that you add in this dialog form the JavaScript library. Functions defined in one file can call functions defined in other files within the library.

Remove: Removes a selected JavaScript file or URL from the library.

View: Opens a new window where you can see the JavaScript code of selected file.

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