Test the Performance of Web Applications Under Load

Design and Run Tests Locally or from the Cloud

  • Create tests using a browser or a mobile application
  • Remote, distributed and cloud-based testing
  • Server and database performance monitoring
  • Flexible error handling and adjustable pass/fail criteria
  • Charts with instant test results available at run time
  • Customizable test report with over 20 tables
  • Support of all major web development frameworks
WAPT User Interface

We help businesses mitigate the risks of unexpected performance issues in their web solutions. Our tools and services are targeted at load testing of all types of websites from online stores and mobile applications to corporate ERP and CRM systems.

We offer a wide lineup of products to address your testing requirements specific to the project size, network configuration and implementation technologies. Our WAPT solution is a perfect combination of efficiency and flexibility with ease of use. It can dramatically reduce the costs of your testing environment and optimize the work of your QA team.

The core component of WAPT lets you record tests with help of a browser and work with them in a convenient user interface where each emulated session is represented by a plain sequence of HTTP requests. Session-specific values can be assigned to variables and specified directly in the properties of each request. In most cases such approach eliminates the need for script programming, even if the rich client functionality must be emulated in the test.

In a matter of minutes you can make thousands of virtual users execute concurrent sessions against your web application. Descriptive graphs and reports will show the performance of your system components under various load conditions, isolate and fix any bottlenecks and optimize your software and hardware configuration.

Before you release a new version of your web application, WAPT will help you answer several questions critical to the success of your business:

How many users can your website handle concurrently?
How fast will your application respond to the user actions?
How often will users get errors and need to reconnect?
Will your website respond correctly to a stress load?
Will it return to normal operation after peak load times?

For customers requiring high capacity load tests and fine tuning of complex test scenarios we offer WAPT Pro. In addition to the regular WAPT features it provides distributed cloud-ready testing solution, online server and database monitoring, ability to implement session values calculation with JavaScript code, custom pass/fail criteria and integration capabilities.

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WAPT - Load Testing for Websites and Web Applications

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What testing specialists say:

Not your father's testing tool: As a matter of fact, WAPT takes user simulation to a higher level.

- Edmond Woychowsky, CNET Networks

We've been using WAPT and have been quite pleased with the result. Great tool for benchmarking/replay. I have to admit the tool is rock-solid, incredibly performant itself, and delivers dependable, repeatable data.

- John Overbaugh , QA professional

This software has proven invaluable as a means of being able to simulate virtual user load on the new web servers located in our new Data Centre. We are currently in the process of migrating over, and this solution was key for testing how much load our new DC could take in its current setup.

- Aaron Fenwick , Motors.co.uk

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