WAPT - Web Application Load Testing load and stress testing tool
Accurate real user simulation
Dynamic test data generation  
Recording & Playback of HTTPS/SSL pages  
Flexible test volume & load definition  
Clear reports and graphs  
Full log of virtual user activity  
Distributed load generation  
Remote test management  
Server performance monitoring  
Java Script Support  

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Remote test management

WAPT Pro creates a comprehensive testing environment that can be used by a single test engineer or a quality assurance team. This environment consists of one or several workstations with the WAPT Pro workplace component installed on each of them, and several load generation servers running WAPT Pro load agents.

The workplace component provides a convenient user interface for test engineers. They can use it to design test scenarios, launch and control test execution in real time, and analyze the results. The actual emulation of virtual users during the test is performed by load generation agents running on one or more different servers. Such distributed architecture allows you to manage testing process remotely and achieve the following benefits.

1. You can design tests on your workstation and launch them using a different server with a more powerful hardware configuration. Once the whole environment is configured, you can use all its features right from your workplace. You do not need to login to the load agents systems and adjust them for each test.

2. Load generation servers can be placed on your network close to the web server that you want to test. This way you will eliminate bottlenecks related to the network bandwidth. The communication between WAPT Pro load agents and the workplace component is done over TCP/IP, so you can do such testing even from a remote location over the Internet.

Manage test over Internet

3. You can easily change load generation servers right from your workstation. This will allow you to run same test using different load agents and compare test results.

Easy switch between load agents

4. You can install load agent on a server with a superior hardware configuration and let many test engineers connect to it from their workstations to perform their testing. They can even run their tests concurrently, provided that the performance of the server is sufficient to handle this.

Remote Test Management

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03/21/2006 WAPT successfully passed the 'Designed for Windows XP' certification by Microsoft(R)


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