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Distributed load generation  
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Distributed load generation

The resources of a single workstation can be insufficient to create a load required to test a web application running on a powerful server. WAPT Pro resolves this problem by using several computers for load generation. For this purpose a special service called WAPT Pro load agent should be installed on each system.

The whole testing environment is managed from a different computer running WAPT Pro workplace component. It provides a convenient user interface for test engineers. They can use it to design test scenarios, launch and control test execution in real time, and analyze the results. Since all these activities do not require essential hardware resources, this component can be installed on any workstation with modest hardware configuration.

When you design test scenario you do not need to know the number of load agents that will be used in the test run. You can run same test with any number of agents. However if you try to create an excessive load in your test, the system will produce a warning message to notify you that current configuration is not sufficient to achieve the specified test load. In this case you can extend the system by adding more servers running load agents.

System overload warning

The total number of load agents is not limited, so you can create almost any load. You are only limited by the network bandwidth. You do not need to specify how many virtual users should be emulated by each load agent. This distribution is done automatically and depends on the resources available on each system. You can run load agents on computers with different hardware configurations. More productive systems will produce more virtual users. Agents are installed as system services, so you do not need to launch them each time you want to perform testing.

Automatic load balancing

Agents do not consume system resources when no testing is performed and do not conflict with other software. So, it is not needed to purchase dedicated servers for running agents. With the regular testing tools you may frequently face the situation when your system tries to generate too many virtual users and becomes overloaded itself. As a result you receive incorrect test results. WAPT Pro resolves this problem by automatically balancing load between the agents. When some agent becomes low in system resources, it stops receiving additional tasks, and they are allocated to other agents.

Reuse servers for load agents

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03/21/2006 WAPT successfully passed the 'Designed for Windows XP' certification by Microsoft(R)


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