WAPT - Web Application Load Testing load and stress testing tool
Accurate real user simulation
Dynamic test data generation  
Recording & Playback of HTTPS/SSL pages  
Flexible test volume & load definition  
Clear reports and graphs  
Full log of virtual user activity  
Distributed load generation  
Remote test management  
Server performance monitoring  
Java Script Support  

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What's New in version 5.0

Usability Enhancements

Tree-type Log Viewer
Comprehensive log viewer provides detailed representation of all requests, responses and errors that occur during the test run. This information is structured with the help of a tree view with several levels of details: profile, user, session and iteration. Using the tree view you can find any information easily without need to search through megabytes of log files. You can navigate to any particular request or browse errors one by one.

Test Scenario Validation
With a single click you can validate your test scenario by running each user profile once with full logging. This is useful when you are in the process of designing a complex test and do not want to run it all to check that its current version is correct.

Automatic Parameterization of Requests
WAPT can be configured to automatically find dynamic values in responses during recording. It creates corresponding variables and uses them when recording subsequent requests. This feature significantly simplifies the design of tests for pages with dynamic content.

New Testing Abilities

Server Resources Deallocation Testing
WAPT can emulate a new load type consisting of two phases repeating several times: one with low load level and one with high load level. You can specify the duration and the number of virtual users for each phase. This type of load is useful to make sure that web application allocates and frees server resources correctly.

New Test Completion Criteria
You can specify the total number of virtual user sessions that should be executed during the test. When the specified number is reached the test completes.

Server Response Verification
WAPT can report errors depending on the response content. You can specify some text string that should (or should not) be in the response in order to treat it valid.

Accurate Test Completion Option
If this option is turned on, when test run time is over, all running user sessions are executed to the end of their profiles. Only after that the test completes. This is useful if you do not want to leave many open sessions on your server after the test.

Support for Specific Web Site Features

AJAX Requests Recording
WAPT recorder can work with web sites that use AJAX.

Custom Separators in Queries
You can specify custom separators to use in the query parts of requests. By default & is inserted between different parameters and = is inserted between a parameter and its value.

Option to Disable Parameters Encoding
By default WAPT encodes all values of parameters in queries. However some sites may require parameters in raw format. For such sites you can disable parameters encoding.

Support for Compressed Content in Responses
When WAPT receives compressed content from server, it unpacks it and works with it as usual.

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03/21/2006 WAPT successfully passed the 'Designed for Windows XP' certification by Microsoft(R)


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