WAPT 4.0
Test Results
Accurate real user simulation
Dynamic test data generation  
Recording & Playback of HTTPS/SSL pages  
Flexible test volume & load definition  
Clear reports and graphs  
Full log of virtual user activity  
Distributed load generation  
Remote test management  
Server performance monitoring  
Java Script Support  

PowerPoint demo
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Quick Start Guide
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Server Monitoring Software
Stop losing clients due to late detection of web server glitches. Monitor availability and performance of your servers and network resources.

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Test Results

This page provides a short guide on test results. It describes what graphs and reports are most important for your type of test, and also prompts you what characteristics you should monitor on graphs and reports.

Number of columns in report tables (test phases): Here you can specify a number of columns (test phases) for HTML Report and Summary Report. The whole test duration interval is divided into this number of phases. The program calculates the averaged data on each phase and shows it in reports.

For more information on test run results, see the Analyzing Test Results topic.

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03/21/2006 WAPT successfully passed the 'Designed for Windows XP' certification by Microsoft(R)


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