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Issue with capturing values of a form

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Hi Xperts,


I would like to create a variable so that I can capture a particular value from the form. The value that I want to capture is not a part of the URL parameter list.

Here is the Javascript I have written -


function getPersonID()


var dgReport = document.getElementById("dgReport");

var QS = dgReport.rows[1].cells[1].innerHTML;

return QS.split("&")[0];



How can I ensure that this JS gets executed when the form is being displayed and how can I use the return value of this JS after 20 steps? I would like to return its value into a variable which I can use later in the script. I created the Javascript function (right click on step) and it created a JS as a substep of the form. I even saved this JS on my desktop and added it to the javascript library. Any variable I create within the script does not show up in the list of global variables so I cant resuse it.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !

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