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  1. Hi Xperts, I would like to create a variable so that I can capture a particular value from the form. The value that I want to capture is not a part of the URL parameter list. Here is the Javascript I have written - function getPersonID() { var dgReport = document.getElementById("dgReport"); var QS = dgReport.rows[1].cells[1].innerHTML; return QS.split("&")[0]; } How can I ensure that this JS gets executed when the form is being displayed and how can I use the return value of this JS after 20 steps? I would like to return its value into a variable which I can use later in the script. I created the Javascript function (right click on step) and it created a JS as a substep of the form. I even saved this JS on my desktop and added it to the javascript library. Any variable I create within the script does not show up in the list of global variables so I cant resuse it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !
  2. Hi Xperts, Have another question on test volumes. I do understand that currently I can run a test for a set number of users sessions. My requirement is to run 10 concurrent users, each of which will create identities from name1-name10, name11-20, name21-30 and so on. So concurrent user1 should create users1-10, concurrent user2 to create user11-20, concurrent user3 to create user21-30 etc. At times this test takes 40 minutes and certain times it takes 50+minutes, depending on how fast/slow the server is. Is there a way I can restrict my test run so that once these 10 identities * 10 concurrent users (100 users in all) have been created the test ends? If I use user sessions, an issue with that would be, there is no guarantee each concurrent user will create only 10 identities, a certain concurrent user might create 11 and some other only 9, as long as the total number of user sessions is achieved the test will stop. That does not really solve my purpose. Any suggestions? Thanks !
  3. Hi Xperts, In case I want to run 10 users for 5 hours (each user run being 1 mins) and want to create new identities in my application with the names TEST1 USER1 / TEST2 USER2 - TEST100 USER100. What function can I use for that? I tried using - User Number Function Sequence Function In both (for 10 users), I can create USER1-10, but then it keeps repeating the USER1-10, it does not give my user name a new sequence number based on session but it does so based on usernumber, and since there are only 10 users, I can only generate multiple values of USER1-10 TEST1-10. With 10 spawned users I never get a USER11 TEST11 valuen Solutions please? Thanks !
  4. Hi Experts, I need to track down the server performance problems to isolate - RAM getting maxed out etc under load Can you share any examples on how to achieve this? Thanks !
  5. Does WAPT support the capabilities to use an Excel sheet, CSV or a DB to seed values to the scripts that populate forms, and if so, from where?
  6. Hi Experts, Am trying to record the login-logout operation with different users. I open the profile I have created, go to the step where the login is being performed, see the username and password in clear text. Edit the variable to Ordered Lists, different values for sessions and add the 6 to 7 different usernames I want to try. I do the same for the password. So both my lists look like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 where 1 is the username and password as well Now when I run the tests, I still see the login happening as user1 only, not 2/3/4/5/6/7. Any suggestions? Thanks !
  7. Hi Experts, Am currently evaluating the tool, have a question on the counter for SQL performance. It asks me for 3 params, the DSN, the user and password. Lets say my DB name is 'TESTDB' and the user is 'abc' and password is 'test'. Lets say this DB is not on my localhost but is on another server with IP In that case what are the values I should add to the above fields for the test to pass, currently it says, 'Data source name not found and no default driver specified' Many thanks !
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