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  2. Hi Sergei, problem was solved. The problem was caused with the connection of the network cable to a second network card with another IP. Sergei and Ivan, thank you very much for your cooperation. Best Regards, Jiri
  3. Hi Sergei, I tried test performance counters (SNMP) in previous version WAPT Pro (4.7) on the same PC - there is connection OK. For WAPT Pro 5.0 test ends with described error. I tried install WAPT Pro (last version) on different PCs (as demo version), by all these installations occur SNMP connection failed. These demo installation were after tests uninstalled. Is there any possibility to check, what process can have any reason to this problem(log file, for example)? Now I tried previous version WAPT Pro 4.7 - without any problem. Best Regards, Jiri
  4. Hi Sergei, I send scenario with SNMP problem. Best Regards, Jiri TestB1.wpsx
  5. It seems a little bit strange. I have double checked and for me it works good. Could you give me your scenario?
  6. Hi Sergei, this scenario was prepared and used in previous build of the WAPT Pro. All performance counters worked correct. Then I reinstalled WAPT Pro, and result Performance, table Performance counters was empty for SNMP counters. I tried test this counter with button "Test server connection ...", but I became error message "SNMP initialization failed. The request timed out. [0xA0041001]" The same result for new created counter. Best Regard, Jiri
  7. Hi Jiri, What counters do you use? Do you import the counters from an old scenario or create the new from scratch?
  8. Hi all, I reinstalled WAPT Pro with new build May 28, 2019. After re-installation I can't communicate with performance counters via SNMP protocol. Best Regards, Jiri
  9. Hi, Yes, WAPT supports REST API testing.
  10. Hi , I have a situation where i need to test some REST APIs.Do WAPT Pro fully support REST API Testing? Thanks
  11. Hi Pooja, No, you can't test an application communicating through the TCP protocol if this protocol is not subset of the HTTP(S) protocol.
  12. Hi team, As per your above statement,there is no wayout to test application communicated through TCP protocol??
  13. Hi Sergei, thank you for your help and answer. Best Regards, Jiri
  14. We use JScript from Windows Scripting Host. You can find more here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/hbxc2t98(v=vs.85)
  15. Hi all, is somewhere complete list, what objects are supported by Javascript in WAPT Pro? I want expand my profiles using Javascript, but I have to go on the way "example - success" or "example - error". Best Regards, Jiri
  16. Hi Sergei, thank you for your help. Performance counter works correct now. Best Regards, Jiri
  17. You need to enable server status reports in the Apache server. You can find out more information here https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/mod_status.html
  18. Hi all, I tried add new Apache server (Tomcat server, Httpd Appache server) to performance counters, but this process ends with error. Could you please tell me, what Apache server(s) are meant for this counter? Best Regards, Jiri
  19. In this case you can use the $JavaScript function instead of the JavaScript operator in the each page request you wish to check for errors.
  20. Hi Sergei, I think about this possibility, but the error message can be generated randomly on different pages in the profile. There is the question, where put Javascript file. Best Regards, Jiri
  21. For the complex validation rules you can use JavaScript and the log.error method.
  22. Hi all, I think, that functionality "Response Validation Rules" in the profile's head is very useful. There is only one little problem - I can use only one text string (for example from error message) to check, if response is right. Is there any possibility to add in the validity condition two or more strings? Respective, is there any other way to realize this test condition? Best Regards, Jiri
  23. Hi, With WAPT you can test web servers and client server applications which communicate by HTTP(S) protocol.
  24. Hi team, Is it feasible to do Desktop application testing through current WAPT Pro version?? Regards, Pooja
  25. Please, send your profile and logs to support@loadtestingtool.com
  26. Hi, We are testing one mobile apk in which there is some scenarios for redirection to external sites. We have record scripts on mobile network through manual proxy and it is working properly whenever we are verifying it in open network. But same script is showing network error as protocol violation and client error in our office network in which it is redirecting through firewalls and proxy. We have checked with network team as well but there is no such blocking over network. Could you please help us on this? Thanks.
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