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  3. Hi Jiri, There is no the such guide. You can find out some information in the WAPT help and use existing counters as examples.
  4. Hi Sergei, please, is somewhere any guide, that can explain how to write own performance counters? Best Regards, Jiri
  5. Did you install the client certificate in WAPT? Is your site available? Could you provide us your certificate?
  6. Yes client certificate is needed and the same has been installed in browser
  7. Is a client certificate required for accessing to your site? Did you install it in the browser?
  8. Hi, While verifying scripts for one of our websites we are receiving X509 certificate is required error. We had few scripts which were recorded two months back and above error appears when verifying them. Moreover when we try to record new scripts then we are getting below error. This website works fine on browser.
  9. Thanks a lot Sergei. Overwriting option works fine. But there are a lot of requests with similar request headers. So can this be set globally in the Default HTTP Headers at Profile level. Because there i dont see a dropdown of Overwrite.
  10. If you manually add the Content-Type header to the end of the headers list with the overwrite option it should overwrite the automatic default header. Could you give me you profile so I could check it?
  11. Hi, We have a situation here where the request headers are identical barring just one difference with respect to content type. In the recorded request this happens to be application/json while during test the charset gets appended to the content-type. Response is returning an 500 Internal Server error as the method is throwing Null Pointer exception. This request with charset was posted through browser as well and it failed. I tried to add a request header with the below values so it would overwrite the automatically generated header. But that returns with content-type. Is there a way where we can send this request by isolating the charset part from the content-type. Recorded Request content-type: application/json Test Request content-type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
  12. Please, update your WAPT Pro to the latest build. If it will not resolve your issue, please give me your scenario and profile.
  13. Hi! I just upgraded to WAPT Pro 5.0 from WAPT 7.5. I can attest that running WAPT Pro with the command line using the -run option just opens WAPT and doesn't load the scenario/profile. When I run with the -noui option, nothing appears to happen. The test I'm trying to run ramps up to 500 users with 1 user being added every 5 seconds. I have to be unwittingly omitting something. Any help out there? WAPT Pro > WAPT Pro 5.0 (64-bit) Built on Oct 6 2019 WAPT Pro > Load settings from file: C:\ProgramData\Softlogica\WAPT\settings.xml WAPT Pro > Loading profile from file: C:\StressTesting\Tab3.wppx. WAPT Pro > Load profile OK: C:\StressTesting\Tab3.wppx. WAPT Pro > Load scenario OK: C:\StressTesting\Tab3.wpsx. WAPT Pro > Load agent ****2 is online. WAPT Pro > Load agent localhost is online. WAPT Pro > Load agent localhost running users 0 WAPT Pro > Load agent ****2 running users 0 WAPT Pro > Test started. WAPT Pro > Load agent localhost running users 0 WAPT Pro > Load agent ****2 running users 0 WAPT Pro > Test finished.
  14. Hi Sergei, I updated to the new version. Thank you for your help. Best Regards, Jiri
  15. Hi Sergei, I use the latest version WAPT Pro - October 06, 2019 (from https://www.loadtestingtool.com/download.shtml). Best Regards, Jiri
  16. Hi Jiri, What the build version do you use? Could you update your version from https://www.loadtestingtool.com/forum/builds/
  17. Hi all, I started WAPT Pro test with the duration about 2 hours. In running test after approximately 30 min. WAPT Pro was activate save log. In log setting I choose full for 1st user, error for the other, max. response length 1024 KB. Please, could you explain me, if the test will be continue after log save (or this saving means end of the test)? Best Regards, Jiri
  18. You are right. You need to delete cookies in any browser.
  19. Hi all, from WAPT Pro help: Delete Internet Explorer Browsing History If you have already browsed pages of the tested web site in Internet Explorer, pages may be kept in Internet Explorer browsing history. When the next time you start recording those pages in the embedded or external Internet Explorer, they will be taken from cache instead of making actual requests to the server. To avoid such situation, you should clean Internet Explorer cache before you start recording. You can also delete cookies if you want to record a "clean" session as a completely new visitor. WAPT Pro can automatically delete Internet Explorer browsing history and cookies each time you start recording if you turn on the following options. Deleting Temporary Internet files (cache): Check this option to delete Temporary Internet Explorer files. Deleting Cookies: Check this option to delete cookies. This command will delete all cookies: session and persistent. I am not sure, if this information relates only to MS Internet Explorer, or it is concerning to the other browsers. Best Regards, Jiri
  20. I'm not sure that I understood you correctly, but I suggest to use Rendezvous Point operator in the end of the first profile and then use Stop Test operator.
  21. You can select the Mobile application (manual proxy configuration) option, set the proxy in Firefox manually and record.
  22. While recording a profile using "Website in Firefox browser" mode i am getting error stating "Cannot start recording. Error: the handle is invalid. [0x80070006]" While profiles get recorded on other browsers. Unsure as to what could be the reason.
  23. Hello WAPT team, I have a scenario,where it has two profiles. Users uploading documents into a website from UI(.Net app) Users browsing the same website. My intention is to create some load on website when upload process is going on.How do i stop the browsing profile when the uploading profile is complete? Usually i set 2hrs for browsing profile as im not sure when the uploading profile completes and manually stop the test.Is there an effective way to do this? Thanks Prashanth
  24. Hi all, Performance Counters for ODBC - Oracle use make possible to watch important values by test process. For monitoring uses WAPT Pro simple function, the values are getting from system table "v$sysstat" with parameter "STATISTIC#". But there is one problem - values "STATISTIC#" don't constant for separate versions of Oracle DB. For example - for Oracle 12.2. are these values next: Logons Current - 3 (default WAPT Pro 1) Session Connect Time - 31 (default WAPT Pro 13), etc. You can simply get these values with SQL command select statistic#, name, value from v$sysstat Best Regards, Jiri
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