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  2. Hi, With WAPT you can test web servers and client server applications which communicate by HTTP(S) protocol.
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  4. Hi team, Is it feasible to do Desktop application testing through current WAPT Pro version?? Regards, Pooja
  5. Please, send your profile and logs to support@loadtestingtool.com
  6. Hi, We are testing one mobile apk in which there is some scenarios for redirection to external sites. We have record scripts on mobile network through manual proxy and it is working properly whenever we are verifying it in open network. But same script is showing network error as protocol violation and client error in our office network in which it is redirecting through firewalls and proxy. We have checked with network team as well but there is no such blocking over network. Could you please help us on this? Thanks.
  7. Hi, 1. It is not possible. We doesn't gather such data. 2. Yes if it delays your next click.
  8. Hello WAPT Pro team, I have two questions about User Think Time value: is possible display user think time values in the test results (for example as part of the Response Time table)? if during the test recording I make some bookmark, is the time for this activity the part of user think time? Thanks for your answer, Jiri
  9. No, it means that WAPT will try to reconnect and send request again.
  10. Hello WAPT Pro Team, I see an option Reconnect on network timeout profile which is described as the WAPT Pro will reconnect to the timed-out session on WAPT Pro help.Does this mean WAPT Pro will create a new session with same user? Can you please elaborate about it and the usage? Thanks
  11. We will consider it for on of the future versions.
  12. Can we see WAPT Pro compatibility on Mac OS in future?
  13. Hi, During a test all load will come to a server from WAPT Load Agents and x64 Load Engines selected for a test load generation..
  14. Hi, We are using two VMs separately for load generator and WAPT Controller which are in different networks. We have confusion that,when we will pump load from controller by adding load generator VM in load agent will it use network of load generator VM? Also all our requests will hit from load generator VM?? Thanks in advance!!
  15. Hi Sergei, thank you for answer. Best Regards, Jiri
  16. For a request Performance Degradation Factor is a ratio between average response time and baseline time. For a profile Performance Degradation Factor is a root-mean-square value of all requests' PDF. It allows you to quickly understand that there are requests which badly out of the average.
  17. Hi all, can somebody explain me, what method is calculated "Performance Degradation Factor", and what information this value in test results represents. Thank for your help. Best regards, Jiri
  18. During recording, WAPT measures a time between two requests. Then it multiplies it on 0.5 and 1.5 and gets User Think Time values. During a test, WAPT calculates random value within these boundaries.
  19. By recording test profile with WAPT Pro, I become for every page two values of User Think Time. Could you please tell me, how these values are calculated, and how think time values relate to response time. Best Regards, Jiri Mundl
  20. Thanks Sergei, I made the changes mentioned and i achieved what i need.Thanks much.
  21. Hi In this case you can use $LOrder function with different values for different loop iterations.
  22. Hi Team, I trying to create a 3 loop situation where each loop iterates 5 times and printing a number which is concatenation of iteration number for 3 loops. I expecting the output to be as below 000 001 002 003 004 010 011 012 013 014 ….. ….. 440 441 442 443 444 But Output seen as below 000 001 002 003 004 015 016 017 018 019 ….. ….. I tried to have a java script operator after the loop and set it to zero.But the inner loop counter is not resetting after the loop over it changed its iteration count.Do you know why and how I can achieve that way I needed?I have emailed my profile to support@loadtestingtool.com.Any help is really appreciated.Thanks
  23. According to your logs, you used only one connection per virtual user. You need to parameterize the profile correctly before you can make a reliable conclusion on the dependence between the number of connections and session faults.
  24. Of course, the number of simultaneous connection significantly impacts on the test results. To understand a source of problem you need to check the logs. Also you can give me your logs or send them to support@loadtestingtool.com
  25. Hi, I want to simulate Number of connections for HTTP/1.x chrome,so i keep it to 6 as of now. During test execution,some sessions are not properly responding with 6 connections. Just for test i checked the same with reducing no of connections to 5,3,1,etc. in that case it is working fine. I just have confusion that is this problem because server is not able to handle those no of parallel request or something else? And also Is it really impact my test result with keeping connections to 6 or 1 and how? Thanks in advance!!!
  26. If you enable a full logging then you can find a content of your downloaded file in corresponding response.
  27. sergei

    Parameters in reports

    Thank you for the bug. We will fix it in the next build.
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