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  2. Yes, it's possible. In your case you need to put the additional headers inside the parameter name using $Var function.
  3. Dear team, I am facing an issue while uploading photo as my application is native mobile application and in which documents photos are upload by clicking not by browsing. When i parameterized it with File function it shows me error as Unknown and 500 internal server error. Awaiting for your assistance. Thanks!
  4. Dear team, I have an mobile application ,in which i click photo of documents and upload the same. It didn't get save anywhere in mobile device . Is it possible to replay the script for Click and upload image file through WAPT?? Thanks!
  5. sergei

    Separate Redirect Requests

    You need to use "Do not follow redirect" option for the first request of a chain. It will prevent WAPT to follow redirect. Then you need to create requests for redirects manually using URLs from Location header. In this case you will be able to process responses for these requests.
  6. Is there a way to separate out a chain of redirect requests? I have a chain of 3 requests (2 redirects, followed by a 200 response). I need to capture a variable from the response of the second redirect. I don't see a way to do this. Here's a screenshot if that helps: https://imgur.com/dhrX99P Thanks!
  7. sergei

    This page can't be displayed

    Do you use internal browser for recording? Please try to use external Chrome browser for recording and check the proxy settings in browser during recording. The settings should point to WAPT recorder proxy.
  8. Hi , We have been using WAPT for load testing. I can able to see my web page in IE, Chrome, But When i entered the same URL in WAPT I am getting the following error. "This page can't be displayed" and there was other information also. "Turn on tls1.0 tls 1.1 and tls 1.2 in advanced settings and try connecting to https//mysiteurl again. If this error persists, it is possible that this site uses an unsupported protocol or cipher suite such as RC4, which is not considered as secure. Please contact your system administrator." When we check with our admin team, they replied that if it works on browsers, then should be a problem with tool ( WAPT ). Can you please help us to solve this issue at the earliest as we have deadline soon. Thanks Saravanan C
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