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  1. Yes, it's possible. In your case you need to put the additional headers inside the parameter name using $Var function.
  2. sergei

    Separate Redirect Requests

    You need to use "Do not follow redirect" option for the first request of a chain. It will prevent WAPT to follow redirect. Then you need to create requests for redirects manually using URLs from Location header. In this case you will be able to process responses for these requests.
  3. sergei

    This page can't be displayed

    Do you use internal browser for recording? Please try to use external Chrome browser for recording and check the proxy settings in browser during recording. The settings should point to WAPT recorder proxy.
  4. Ok, we will add this feature in the next version. You can use JavaScript to calculate response times and save them to a file.
  5. Hi, Due to asynchronous nature of WebSocket, Send and Receive are not linked together. What do you mean by response time for WebSocket?
  6. Hi, You can use JavaScript processing. Here is the code analogous to the “Search Parameter” function: var str = context.responseBody;//input var left = context.variable("left");//left boundary var right = context.variable("right");//right boundary var leftIndex = str.indexOf(left); var rightIndex = -1; if(leftIndex != -1) { rightIndex = str.indexOf(right,leftIndex+left.length); } if(rightIndex != -1) { str = str.slice(leftIndex+left.length,rightIndex); context.variable("str")=str;// return string }
  7. sergei

    Cant capture newly created id

    Hi, Could you give me your profile or send it support?
  8. Possibly, Load Agent crashed. Try to use the latest version of WAPT Pro.
  9. Hi, Could you give me your profile, *.jar and *.gwt.rpc files?
  10. sergei

    Errors User Sessions

    Unfortunately, you attached scenario file only. Please, attach profile file with .wpp extension.
  11. sergei

    Share Variables Between Profiles

    It isn't possible to share variables between profiles in the WAPT itself. Try to redesign your test and merge both profiles into the one. Or try to use JavaScript and an external file.
  12. You need to use the $JPath function. It is not trivial but possible. XPath //*[assignedToUser/@type=null] return you all three elements with "assignedToUser" : null. XPath //*[assignedToUser/@type=null][1] return you the first element with "assignedToUser" : null. So for courseID you can use $JPath(//*[assignedToUser/@type=null][1]/application/course/id,NO). For applicationID you can use $JPath(//*[assignedToUser/@type=null][1]/application/id,NO). For approvalID you can use $JPath(//*[assignedToUser/@type=null][1]/id,NO). If it will not work for you, perhaps, you need to upgrade to the latest version of WAPT to use that.
  13. sergei

    Run recording always get error

    Did you get this message before? Try to use the latest version of WAPT Pro.
  14. sergei

    Accessing Profile Name as A Variable

    There is no way to get the profile name from within the profile. Why don't you want to use an initial variable with the profile name? Please, describe your needs more carefully maybe I will be able to offer some solution.
  15. sergei

    Accessing Profile Name as A Variable

    Unfortunately you can't get a profile name from within the profile. You can create an initial variable with the profile name and use it whenever you need.