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  1. It seems a little bit strange. I have double checked and for me it works good. Could you give me your scenario?
  2. Hi Jiri, What counters do you use? Do you import the counters from an old scenario or create the new from scratch?
  3. Hi, Yes, WAPT supports REST API testing.
  4. Hi Pooja, No, you can't test an application communicating through the TCP protocol if this protocol is not subset of the HTTP(S) protocol.
  5. We use JScript from Windows Scripting Host. You can find more here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/hbxc2t98(v=vs.85)
  6. You need to enable server status reports in the Apache server. You can find out more information here https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/mod_status.html
  7. In this case you can use the $JavaScript function instead of the JavaScript operator in the each page request you wish to check for errors.
  8. For the complex validation rules you can use JavaScript and the log.error method.
  9. Hi, With WAPT you can test web servers and client server applications which communicate by HTTP(S) protocol.
  10. Please, send your profile and logs to support@loadtestingtool.com
  11. Hi, 1. It is not possible. We doesn't gather such data. 2. Yes if it delays your next click.
  12. No, it means that WAPT will try to reconnect and send request again.
  13. We will consider it for on of the future versions.
  14. Hi, During a test all load will come to a server from WAPT Load Agents and x64 Load Engines selected for a test load generation..
  15. For a request Performance Degradation Factor is a ratio between average response time and baseline time. For a profile Performance Degradation Factor is a root-mean-square value of all requests' PDF. It allows you to quickly understand that there are requests which badly out of the average.
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