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  1. Hi Team, We are trying to record mobile apk requests but unable to do so. APK is using the Xamarin framework. Let us know if we need to do any additional settings.
  2. Hi Team, We want to test some REST APIs in WAPT. Pls assist us with how to do the setup to achieve target TPH . Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Team, We are recording on HTTPS website and unable to record the same; whenever we start recording webpages become unresponsive. Pls, help us what can be the cause for this.
  4. Hi team, How can we add jar files or how can we use import statements in WAPT JS operator?
  5. Hi team, As per your above statement,there is no wayout to test application communicated through TCP protocol??
  6. Hi team, Is it feasible to do Desktop application testing through current WAPT Pro version?? Regards, Pooja
  7. Hi, We are testing one mobile apk in which there is some scenarios for redirection to external sites. We have record scripts on mobile network through manual proxy and it is working properly whenever we are verifying it in open network. But same script is showing network error as protocol violation and client error in our office network in which it is redirecting through firewalls and proxy. We have checked with network team as well but there is no such blocking over network. Could you please help us on this? Thanks.
  8. Hi, We are using two VMs separately for load generator and WAPT Controller which are in different networks. We have confusion that,when we will pump load from controller by adding load generator VM in load agent will it use network of load generator VM? Also all our requests will hit from load generator VM?? Thanks in advance!!
  9. Hi, I want to simulate Number of connections for HTTP/1.x chrome,so i keep it to 6 as of now. During test execution,some sessions are not properly responding with 6 connections. Just for test i checked the same with reducing no of connections to 5,3,1,etc. in that case it is working fine. I just have confusion that is this problem because server is not able to handle those no of parallel request or something else? And also Is it really impact my test result with keeping connections to 6 or 1 and how? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Hi, In our application,there is a scenario where i want to assign policy numbers by session and dealer id by user,where dealer id is using as User Id and policy numbers are specific to dealer ids. I have confusion that how m I supposed to pass policy numbers and dealer's ids in csv so that it can take policy number specific to dealer id. Awaiting for your assistance as it is very important for us. I am attaching some dealer ids and policy nos for reference. ABIBL_-_Load_Testing.zip
  11. Dear team, I am facing an issue while uploading photo as my application is native mobile application and in which documents photos are upload by clicking not by browsing. When i parameterized it with File function it shows me error as Unknown and 500 internal server error. Awaiting for your assistance. Thanks!
  12. Dear team, I have an mobile application ,in which i click photo of documents and upload the same. It didn't get save anywhere in mobile device . Is it possible to replay the script for Click and upload image file through WAPT?? Thanks!
  13. Hi, Search Parameter is very useful function. It becomes more useful if we can use variables for boundaries. So that complex extraction of variables becomes little easier and helpful as it can handle dependency. Warm Regards, Pooja
  14. Hi, Thanks for reply.I already send my profile to WAPT Support last day but didn't get any solution.
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