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WAPT Pro 4.3: Commandline option "-noui" not working

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I was running WAPT Pro x64 4.0 from a batch file like this:

D:\WAPT\WAPT_Pro_4_0\WAPTPro.exe -run D:\WAPT\Scenario\Performance.wps -noui >> D:\WAPT\temp\run.log

This was working fine.


After I upgraded today to Version 4.3, my batch doesn't run anymore.

run.log only shows:

WAPT Pro > WAPT Pro 4.3 (64-bit) Built on Oct 13 2016
WAPT Pro > Load settings from file: C:\ProgramData\Softlogica\WAPT\settings.xml

With V4.0, the next message would be:

WAPT Pro > Load scenario OK: D:\WAPT\Scenario\Performance.wps.

But this doesn't happen. WAPT seems to stall here.

When I remove "noui", then WAPT is started in UI mode and everything is working.


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I've created a new scenario with WAPT Pro 4.3(Built Jan 25, 2017) and the issue is still there.


It seems to be a problem with larger scenarios?!?

My scenario has 4 profiles with over 800 requests each. Size per profile is between 8MB and 18MB.

A smaller scenario with one profile and only 10 requests runs.

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