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  1. I've created a new scenario with WAPT Pro 4.3(Built Jan 25, 2017) and the issue is still there. It seems to be a problem with larger scenarios?!? My scenario has 4 profiles with over 800 requests each. Size per profile is between 8MB and 18MB. A smaller scenario with one profile and only 10 requests runs.
  2. My application uses server push to notify the client of changes, how can I integrate this in WAPT? This is how it works: During login, the server assigns a session id to each client -> I have been able to extract this id into a variable Then the client sends a push request using the session id -> Also no problem using the variable for sessions id - What now happens is, that the server either sends push data in 200OK during a 120 seconds timeframe, or answers 120 seconds after the client request with a 200OK plus timeout information. During the 120 sec timeframe, the client of course should send it's regular requests to the server, so the entire server push mechanism must be running in parallel to the regular user session. After an answer from the server, the client sends a fresh push request, to keep the server push channel open. This goes on, until the client logs out. Is it possible to replicate this in WAPT?
  3. I was running WAPT Pro x64 4.0 from a batch file like this: D:\WAPT\WAPT_Pro_4_0\WAPTPro.exe -run D:\WAPT\Scenario\Performance.wps -noui >> D:\WAPT\temp\run.log This was working fine. After I upgraded today to Version 4.3, my batch doesn't run anymore. run.log only shows: WAPT Pro > WAPT Pro 4.3 (64-bit) Built on Oct 13 2016 WAPT Pro > Load settings from file: C:\ProgramData\Softlogica\WAPT\settings.xml With V4.0, the next message would be: WAPT Pro > Load scenario OK: D:\WAPT\Scenario\Performance.wps. But this doesn't happen. WAPT seems to stall here. When I remove "noui", then WAPT is started in UI mode and everything is working.
  4. When I run the uninstaller for WAPT Pro (4.3 64-bit), there is the following error during the uninstall process "Exception EInvalidOp in module Uninstall.exe at 0003D9B0. Invalid floating point operation." When I acknowledge this error, the uninstaller closes, the WAPT Pro entry is removed from "Programs and Features", but all data remains in the install dir. I'm using Win2012R2 Standard, the install directory is custom (D:\WAPT\WAPT_Pro_4_3_x64). Installed components is "WAPT Pro Workplace" and "Load Agent". LoadAgent temp is "D:\WAPT\WAPT_Pro_4_3_x64\LoadAgentTemp" I had the same issue with WAPT Pro 4.0 64-bit when I updated to 4.3. This issue is 100% reproducible. When I reinstall, then uninstall again, the same error is displayed.
  5. Everything is identical between both Scenarios. I call WAPT under my user from a *.bat file and simply edit the file by add/removing the "-noui" option. -> Works without, but not with "-noui" I have to add that WAPT was installed by another user on my machine. I can see that "C:\ProgramData\Softlogica\WAPT\settings.xml" does hold different settings for the CsvDirectory than what's configured in my WAPT. Could the CsvDir Setting be parsed from the wrong config file? I get "-noui" working by also adding "-csv <Folder/filename.csv>".
  6. Thanks for the quick response! Here is the log output: WAPT Pro > WAPT Pro 4.0 Built on May 30 2016 WAPT Pro > Load settings from file: C:\ProgramData\Softlogica\WAPT\settings.xml WAPT Pro > Load scenario OK: D:\Dummy.wps. WAPT Pro > Cannot create the report folder. WAPT Pro > FAILURE. Test parameters validation error WAPT Pro > Load agent localhost connecting... --------- I played with different settings and found out that "CSV Data Output" seems to be the problem. When I untick "Save test results" then there is no error. Any other log settings like "Save Response time statistics", "Save HTLM report" and a full log do not lead to this error. And of course no error when I skip '-noui'.
  7. I have a Scenario that runs fine with GUI, e.g. with 'WAPTPro.exe -run "D:\Dummy.wps"'. -WAPT UI is started, closes automatically when finished and logs/reports/results are created When I add the -noui option, e.g. 'WAPTPro.exe -run "D:\Dummy.wps" -noui', I can see that a WAPTPro.exe process is briefly started, then immediately closed Nothing happened, no logs were created and %ERRORLEVEL% returns 1. How can I debug this issue further? I'm using WAPT Pro 4.0 Built May 30, 2016.
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