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Duplicate, Drag-drop bugs

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I want to copy-paste set of grouped requests both within a profile as well as to another profile.


The WAPT options for copy-paste:ing are:

- Duplicate

- Drag-drop with holding Ctrl key


In any way same bugs appear.



- Main request

-- Sub req 1

-- Sub req 2

-- Sub req 3


Either you right-click "Main request" and select "Duplicate" or you drag and drop with Ctrl key, result will be like this:

- Main request[1]

-- Sub req 3[1]

-- Sub req 2[1]

-- Sub req 1[1]

Notice the incorrect order.


Now try to reorder "Sub req 1[1]" by dragging it to the first position, impossible.

Workaround: Select all but "Sub req 1[1]" and drag them below "Sub req 1[1]"


What I really want to do is call the "Main request" from another profile but second best option is to copy-paste it.



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