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Question on test volumes

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Hi Xperts,


Have another question on test volumes. I do understand that currently I can run a test for a set number of users sessions.


My requirement is to run 10 concurrent users, each of which will create identities from name1-name10, name11-20, name21-30 and so on.

So concurrent user1 should create users1-10, concurrent user2 to create user11-20, concurrent user3 to create user21-30 etc.


At times this test takes 40 minutes and certain times it takes 50+minutes, depending on how fast/slow the server is.

Is there a way I can restrict my test run so that once these 10 identities * 10 concurrent users (100 users in all) have been created the test ends?


If I use user sessions, an issue with that would be, there is no guarantee each concurrent user will create only 10 identities, a certain concurrent user might create 11 and some other only 9, as long as the total number of user sessions is achieved the test will stop. That does not really solve my purpose. Any suggestions?


Thanks !

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Each virtual user executes sessions one by one. As soon as it completes a session, it starts the next one, and so on until the test is finished. So, each virtual user emulates several successive real users and can execute corresponding number of sessions during the test. At any moment the number of active concurrent sessions is equal to the number of virtual users.


Just set test volume to execute 100 sessions and use the built-in variable "Session_number" to append to the name.

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