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Question on Sequence and User Number function

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Hi Xperts,


In case I want to run 10 users for 5 hours (each user run being 1 mins) and want to create new identities in my application with the names TEST1 USER1 / TEST2 USER2 - TEST100 USER100.

What function can I use for that?


I tried using -

User Number Function

Sequence Function


In both (for 10 users), I can create USER1-10, but then it keeps repeating the USER1-10, it does not give my user name a new sequence number based on session but it does so based on usernumber, and since there are only 10 users, I can only generate multiple values of USER1-10 TEST1-10. With 10 spawned users I never get a USER11 TEST11 valuen


Solutions please?


Thanks !

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