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Guest Yogesh

Scripting Error

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Guest Yogesh

Hello All ,

Please tell me that if one script/profile run successfully for one user and Cant run with other user.Why it Happens?????


Please give me suggestion

Thanks and Regards

Yogesh Bandgar(95792750553)

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Most probably the problems appear because you have not parameterized the HTTP requests in your profile after recording it. Note that initially all requests are recorded as is. If you use a recorded profile without modifications, WAPT will simply repeat all the same requests with the same values of all parameters. However when working with dynamic site content, some parameters should have unique values for each session. The values of such parameters should be extracted from server response to the previous requests. You can read more about that using the following two links.




(Note: The above links refer to WAPT Pro 2.0. If you use other version of the product, some GUI elements can be different, but the whole concept is the same. You can also find corresponding topics in the help file provided with your product.)


Recently we also created a demo clip showing step by step how to perform the parameterization. You can download it here: http://www.loadtestingtool.com/quickstart/WAPTdemo.avi


Also, I recommend you to use the "Verify test" button to check your profiles before running the test. It will execute each profile one time and log all the details. After the verification is finished you can expand the "Logs" folder in the left view. You will see all the requests and server responses logged during the profile execution. You can also use logs for test runs, but you need to choose the level of details on the “Log and Report Settings” page.


Note also that when you record a profile, you should start from the very first URL that you use to access the web site. If you start recording from a page inside a user session, your profile will be incomplete and will not produce a valid session during the test.

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