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Howto edit a 16kByte http request body?

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Hi all,

Is there a way to edit the content of a http request body with a size of 16 kByte?


I'm evaluating WAPT Pro 4.3 on Windows. With it I recorded the client-server communication on http protocol. One of the recorded requests contains the user name within the request body. It's a simple POST request via http.

When I set the cursor at the beginning of the user name and press "$" then nothing happens. It's working with other requests. The difference is the size of the request body.


Also I tried to duplicate another request and to copy & paste the content of the big request. The result is, that a part of the whole content will paste into the new request. And I don't have the chance to add more characters. It seems that I have reached a maximum count of characters.


Can I set the maximum count of characters of the request/response bodies? It should be possible, because the recorder was able to create such a big request body.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi Sergei,

thank you very much for the last build.

I tried it with my recorded profile, but it's not possible to edit the post data of the login request. I did the run of the recorded request to get more information about that request. The header information says:

Content-Length: 15157


I copy & pasted the POST data of the request (binary data) into an editor and removed all blanks. Then I counted the Bytes - surprise - there are 30314 Bytes, not 15157.


Then I created a new request an pasted the data into the request POST Data form. I can copy & paste 20'000 Bytes only. What is the maximum amount of Bytes you can handle with a POST-Request?


I don't have a glue, why the header information tells about the length of 15157, but the POST-Data of the login request contains over 30'000 Bytes?


Do you have an idea?


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