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Request method to prevent recording of JSONAutoVars

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Using WAPT Pro 4.0 and JSON Module.


Is there a way to turn off recording of JSONAutoVars? I want to maintain the ability to view responses in JSON format and to create my own JPATH variables but the JSONAutoVars are not always created correctly for my application under test (it is RESTful).


For example, the auto-variable is based on Element[1] instead of Element[id=test] - this is a problem because I can not rely upon the the items in an element always being in the same order for every user. Hence while the variables populate correctly for the initial recorded user these variables may fail to populate for other users.


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Thank you for your message!


Unfortunately, you cannot disable automatic parameterization for JSON module. We will add this option in the next build of WAPT Pro 4.0.

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