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We are trying to test a SharePoint 2013 application, which uses ADFS as the claims based authentication provider. During this process, ADFS generates tokens and a 'FedAuth' cookie that is attached to subsequent request headers.


I am able to record the request with no problems, but upon replay, the system gets into a http 307 redirect -> 400 bad request loop when hitting ADFS.


Has anyone gotten WAPT to work with Claims Based authentication?


Many thanks!


- Test Automator

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It looks a bit strange, all should work smoothly. Could you please re-record the profile with the recorder log enabled? Here is the instruction on how to do this.

1.Close WAPT.
2.Set the following registry key value: HHKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SoftLogica\WAPT 9.0\Settings\Recorder\LogRecording = 1.
3.Start WAPT and record a profile.
4.Click the “Stop Rec” button after you face the problem.
5.Give me the file named “.wpp.log.zip” or send it to support@loadtestingtool.com. It will be created in the same folder with the profile. This will let us research the problem further.

Also could you give me the verification log?

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