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Response Time For Ful Load Only

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We are registered WAPT Pro 3.1 licensed version user. For our web application, we have done performance testing by following the test settings described below.

We have created a test scenario for 200 concurrent user load with ramp up time setting of 5 users step in within 10 sec. Total test duration set for 15mins. So that all 200 users come in line when it passes approximately 6.75mins. We have completed the test run successfully.

During result analysis, the response time that we got is for the entire test run (by default). Is there any additional feature to get the max, min and avg response times only for the full load duration, say for eg:- from 6.75 to 15mins as per our scenario.


If somebody know much on this, please help me




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The response times are split to several columns. The header of each column contains the interval of test time for this column.

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