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Performance Counters monitoring many servers

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Hello! I've been evaluating WAPT Pro 3.1 for a week now and I'm very impressed with the application. I have a question about performance counters and I'm not sure that there is a simple answer to it.


Our web application sits on many IIS servers and many more SQL servers. All of this sits behind a hefty load balancer. If the load balancer is doing its job then I would expect to see equal distribution of load from performance counters while under test load. I'll want to configure performance counters for each server to see where I'm starting to bottleneck. It seems like it might be difficult to manage the results from that data. I'm guessing I'd need to dump the results and graph them externally as needed.


Do you have any rough recommendations for performance counter configuration in an environment like this?

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You can add performance counters for each of you servers. Then enable "Save test results" to CSV file on "Log and Report Settings" page. You will get csv file with performance counters data. If you want to make more columns you can change value of "Number of columns in tables" on "Log and Report Settings" page.

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