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Treat server response as valid for all requests

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Is it possible to record a session and check on a test run that the server response is the same?


I have lots of ajax calls and the response should be identical. I copied and pasted the whole dataset returned into the "Server response valid if body CONTAINS the following text:", and that works, but it's very time consuming and changes will be hard to update in that small single line textbox.


Am I missing a global feature for this?


WAPT 8.0 Built on Apr 30 2013

Unregistered version

Installed modules: Module for ASP.NET Testing, Module for JSON Format

OS: Windows 7 (build 7601) x64 (Service Pack 1)

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You can use validation rules for the whole profile.

Or if your ajax calls are identical that try to use the Loop operator instead of lots of requests.

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