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  1. Hi,


    according to Help of the "Module for JSON Format" I tried to use element index as


    $JPath(//Element[N=Thursday]/C) (see example in the Help for JSON Module)



    This method doesn't give any result. Instead quote I used apostrophes



    and I gave the correct result.


    Is my solution proper?


    Best Regards,


    Jiri Mundl

  2. I recommend you to use the "Verify test" button to check your profiles before running the test. It will execute each profile one time and log all the details. After the verification is finished you can expand the "Logs" folder in the left view. You will see all the requests and server responses logged during the profile execution. You can also use logs for test runs, but you need to choose the level of details on the “Log and Report Settings” page.


    If you cannot find a problem in WAPT logs, send them and profiles to support. We will try to help you.


    Thank for your speed response. I tried it - problem is in our application - every new login ends with message about expired session.



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