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WAPT Cloud: New benefits of our load testing solution

In the last days of 2013 we released a cloud version of our load testing solution. It is based on WAPT Pro, all extension modules and x64 Load Engines, so it is the most feature-reach and powerful combination of all the components we have.

This on-demand load testing solution is offered through the Amazon EC2 Marketplace. This means that with few clicks you can get the full functionality of WAPT Pro running on a virtual system instance in the Amazon Cloud. To do this you need to have an AWS account, however it is also very easy to create one. We provide step by step usage instructions right from our web site.

Some experienced users already know that all our products can be used in any cloud or virtual environment. So, technically this release is not a big step forward. With new cloud version it is easier to start and configure the product, but this is not the actual benefit. What really makes the change is the pricing for the new solution, which is now based on the hour rates.

For $5 per hour you can use a WAPT Cloud instance, which includes full functionality of WAPT Pro and all extension modules. You can also run smoke tests with up to 250 virtual users right from that instance. If you need a higher load, you can attach any number of Cloud Engines by launching additional instances of the corresponding capacity. We offer 3 types:

  • Cloud Engine 2k – up to 2 000 concurrent virtual users;
  • Cloud Engine 5k – up to 5 000 concurrent virtual users;
  • Cloud Engine 10k – up to 10 000 concurrent virtual users;

I think that there are two types of situations when our clients can benefit from this cloud offer.

  1. If you do not own any product licenses and need to run just a couple of quick tests, this solution is the best choice, because you do not need to purchase any permanent licenses and choose appropriate components. You can get everything you need and pay only for the time you use the product(s).
  2. If you have a WAPT Pro license and need to run a test with unusually high capacity, you do not need to purchase additional x64 Load Engine licenses, because you can use Cloud Engines instead. These engines are fully compatible with WAPT Pro (if you have the latest build of the product). Again, you will only pay for the time you use the engines. So, one hour test with 10,000 virtual users will only cost $50.

If your web application is hosted in EC2, you will have additional benefit by utilizing the fastest connection to it.

More information on the product and step by step usage instructions are available here.

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