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Guest larry_in_Regina

needed: same variable data file across sessions ...

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Guest larry_in_Regina

and each session would pick up a unique set of data from the same variable data file.


To get around this problem today - I need to: 1) record a session; 2) feed in a file of variable data; 3) duplicate the session n times (n = number of users required - 1); 4) edit each session to have it point to its own file of variable data for input. (The variable data is not user id or passwords) (for most of our transactions - the data the transaction uses is unique and cannot be reused).


I understand there may be something coming to handle this (an option in loop iterations?). Please let us all know when this is implemented. Thanks


(Overall - I think the WAPT product is top notch compared to what I've seen that is available - my endorsement for the day)

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