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Guest Tonya



I am currently evaluating WAPT 5.0 for our company and I am trying to set up a simple scenario with a few VUs that are loging in the tested application, and travelling through certain pages. Now one of these users has a wrong password. I want somehow make WAPT aknowledge the application's message and stop the test run. So far WAPT went through all the test's steps and it doesn't stop at a failed login which can be correct being given the fact that certain messages that a user might receive are happening inside the pages.


When a user fails to login the application displays a message inside the login page that looks like this:



<td class="LogonLabel" style="color: red; text-align: center" colspan="4">

Your UserID / Password combination was not valid for this company.




Our scenarios are supposed to be much more complex than this so that's why I need to find out ASAP if WAPT can deal with these and if yes, how?




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