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Guest Dinesh

Tree structure of a menu is not recorded and 404 displayed for selected page in the menu

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Guest Dinesh



Case 1


Step 1:

The tree structure of Menu is as below. Display following Menu after login.




Step 2:

Click on Transaction. Display following structure.




+ Air


Step 3 :

Click on '+' Display following menu structure.



- Air

Booking (sub menu below Air)



There is no recording found for the ''Tranaction' and +' symbol.


Case 2


Step 4:

Clicked on Booking , displayed a page. Entered proper values and saved the operation.


The page is recored properly as http://IPAddress/STest/BookingOrder.aspx


During execution the '404 Not Found' displayed for the page. Due to this error the transaction is not completed.




Thanks !





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